FRANKLIN & BASH “Big Fish” Review

FRANKLIN & BASH (TNT) "Big Fish" Episode 6

FRANKLIN & BASH “Big Fish” Episode 6 – In this episode the guys get a huge client who literally comes rolling into their office, but turns out to be more trouble than he’s worth. Diagnosed with a fatal disease, Carter (played to douch-nozzle perfection by Jason Alexander) is going through his “bucket list” and making tons of trouble for himself, which lands him in jail. But when it turns out that he’s not actually dying, suddenly he doesn’t think it’s all that funny anymore.

The boys then have their work cut out for them, trying to get him out. When the guy turns around and threatens to name them as accessories in his crimes (did I mention he was a douch-nozzle?), the stakes get taken up another notch. So what do the boys decide to do? Why, take a dive of course. But they don’t just take a simple swan dive; they tie bricks to their feet and plummet into the water head first. They end up proving that their client is an ass (even better than the prosecution), get him to cough up millions of dollars AND send him to Haiti.

In other words – a job well done.

My favorite bits..

Karp correctly guessing that the roller skating bikini clad woman and her (also roller skating) friend were there to see Jared and Peter.

The boys fighting over who had the more disgusting and annoying habit. I love Jared but toenail clippings? Ew.

Finding out that the boys had put an ad on roller girl’s ….um….. billboard space.

Karp chasing after roller girl in the hallway.

The look on Jared’s face when he saw that Peter had gotten roller girl’s digits. Ha!

“Bad guys don’t roller skate. There’s science that backs that up.”

A third nacho boat? Really Jared? After the beer and hoagie incident a couple weeks ago? Will that man never learn?

Karp and Hanna agreeing to work together, and to use Pindar in the process. Uh oh.

“If you’re giving me the ironic male stripper again..this is not the time.” – The funniest part of that line is the fact that it’s obviously happened before. Pics or didn’t happen, boys.

Jared and I both giggling at the phrase “bang-fest.”

Carmen butting in on Pindar’s conference call with Karp and Hanna.

“What kind of legal support will you provide besides being her mirror image of crazy?”

“Bromance Bubble” – Haha! Love it.

Finding out that Jared has given up running naked because of bad knees. Aw shoot.

Carter signaling “six” when he was accused of stealing five million dollars worth of bearer bonds.

“I know what you’re doing, Carter.”
“That’s more than I can say for your barber.”

Peter inadvertently giving up half his bonus to charity. Oops.

Pindar’s ‘Back in 5 Mins’ sign on his side of the conference call.

OMG that chick really is Pindar’s mirror image of crazy.

Naked in a bouncy house? That sounds interesting…

Jared mumbling about how their analogy was better than the judge’s…..and getting caught. LOL.

“You know what Wall Street got right?”
“Sky boxes.”
“Ukrainian hookers?”

Wow, Pindar cleans up nice.

“We’re gonna bite the pillow.”

ROTFLMAO! – Looks like Peter found a way to prove his case about Jared’s toenail clippings. – OMG, seriously. Can. Not. Breathe.

Jared claiming he’s “the cute one.”

The look on the boys’ faces when Jared hit that bullseye.

Pindar saying he was afraid that the sight of his face would cause the client to go into a “toenail seizure.”

“Did you just tell your client to shut up?”
” ‘Go screw yourself’ seemed inappropriate, Your Honor.”

An Infeld Daniels presentation being delivered via fortune cookies.

Karp holding up his phone so that Pindar could tell Jared and Peter off.

Jared accidentally losing his bonus to charity, too. Oops.

(mumbled)”I’ll give you a warm hand..”

Peter informing Jared that children do in fact like him, because they were the same size. So not cool…but yeah, I totally laughed. As a shorty myself, I think I’m allowed.

What did you think of this episode of Franklin & Bash? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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