WHITE COLLAR “Veiled Threat” Review

WHITE COLLAR (USA) "Veiled Threat"

WHITE COLLAR “Veiled Threat” Season 3 Episode 5 – Peter has already proven that he’s got the moves to woo a woman while undercover. Plus we already know he’s a badass FBI agent. But still, when he gets assigned to go undercover to date a woman who apparently keeps killing off her husbands, I couldn’t help but to feel a bit nervous.

Then again, I wasn’t sure after a while if I should be more scared of the black widow lady or of Elizabeth, as she got more and more annoyed with her husband. One date was bad enough but then it turned into two, then a proposal AND a bachelor party. Sure it was all fake, but still, I think Elizabeth was kind of a saint to put up with all that. Not to mention the fact that she volunteered to do a meeting as a wedding planner..for her husband. Awkward? Nah.

In the end though, all of it led to Elizabeth and Peter realizing how much they are still in love and they decide to renew their vows. That was wonderfully romantic and, as always, I continue to enjoy how those two are portrayed as an actual working marriage. Even with the bumps in the road, they totally make it through it all.

Meanwhile Neal and Sara are trying to do “normal” couple stuff and when they realize they’ve never actually been on a real date (what? Making out in a library didn’t count?) Neal decides to surprise her with a candlelight dinner at his place. The date was commandeered by Peter, but it was still a nice gesture on his part. Basically there was a lot of romance in the air in this episode.

My favorite bits..

“Move it, Copperfield.”

Peter making Neal actually raise his hand to volunteer for the assignment. Like that one didn’t have his name written all over it already.

Neal, Jones and Peter, all undercover? Awesome.

“Are you scared to tell Elizabeth.” “Terrified.”

Peter and Neal each getting coached by their ladies on how to go about their dates.

“Ladies love the sweets.”

Neal completely bombing his date on purpose. Hunting fauns? Oh yeah that’ll do it.

Jones nailing his date…okay wait, that’s so not what I meant. I meant he was winning her over with the cake talk. LOL.

Poor Peter really not doing well with his dates…that is until he went off book and was completely honest. Be still my heart.

Guess Neal must’ve done a really good job, since no one wanted to bid on him. LOL.

Peter going for fifteen thousand. Nice.

Neal packing a nice dinner for him and Diana.

Diana calling Sara “Insurance Investigator Barbie.”

A tangoing Peter??…. *faints from the sexy*

“Did you get that?” “The first part loud and clear.” “The second?” “Never to be repeated.”

Neal coming to Peter’s rescue with the fake phone call. Whew.

Peter bringing Neal as back up when he told Elizabeth that he was going to have to go out with Elena again. Something tells me he should’ve brought his bullet proof vest, too.

“Nothing says enamored like.” “Polygamy?” “Marry me.”

Neal and Sarah watching Peter and his date from the observation room.

“Do yourself a favor, never send a grappling hook through the post office.” – Best entrance ever.

Mozzie figuring out a way to get fifty bucks out of Peter. Nice.

Peter and his “fiancé” meeting with a very familiar looking event planner. Yeah, cuz that’s not awkward. Haha.

Gasping out loud when that car came after Peter. Yikes.

Neal setting up Peter’s fake bachelor party.

“The dating of mid-level government employees. Totally captivating.”

Peter in a tux, two weeks in a row? THANK YOU USA!!

Peter proposing to Elizabeth. So sweet!

Mozzie officiating at the ceremony of “Suit” and “Mrs. Suit.”

What did you think of this episode of White Collar? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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