WEEDS “From Truth Cometh Something” Review

WEEDS "From Trauma Cometh Something" Season 7 Episode 2 (3)

WEEDS “From Drama Cometh Something” Season 7 Episode 2 – Whilst there was some development of a kind in this episode, the slow pace was less savoury than it was boring and although there was a lot to enjoy, this episode ultimately felt like a filler.

Which is weird, because a lot happened. Nancy met her cellmate’s brother and offered to exchange the suitcase of weapons with a few pounds of weed. Silas, Shane and co. made their way to the half house to greet Nancy after three years. Of course Nancy fled the scene, as Nancy does, much more comfortable with arms dealers and criminals than she is with her own family.

Mary Louise Parker’s performance is befuddling and captivating. She plays Nancy as an outwardly loopy weak airhead, whose flashes of steely brilliance register only in her actions.

There are strands and storylines that I just could not care less about. Silas’ trip to a modelling agency was so boring. When he started pulling out the emotion I figuring he was conning her-but there was no evidence to come to such a conclusion, so I have to believe his pleading for a modelling gig was honest. I hope his storyline gets better.

His wasn’t the most boring. That goes to Doug. I don’t know why he’s still with the Botwins, I can only imagine that the actor is a supremely nice guy, because Jenji Kohan and her writers keep him around and do absolutely nothing with his character, who wasn’t that great to begin with.

Then there’s Shane and Andy. They’re the only two people who still truly love Nancy, and they’re totally screwed for it. This triangle is the one I’m interested in, and as far as I’m concerned it’s become the heart of the show.

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