THE BIG C “Musical Chairs” Review

THE BIG C "Musical Chairs" (5)

THE BIG C “Musical Chairs” Season 2 Episode 2 – Cathy finds out that she’s been accepted into a clinical trial treatment not too long before learning that the place she’s filling belongs to a woman who gave her a lucky coin.

The Big C does not have a formula to adhere to, so watching the show is like watching a series of short movies with the same cast. This week definitely played more the to the black humor the show does so well as Cathy returns to school to find all of the kids are depressingly encouraging and supportive of her. On a quick side note, that school is awesome. In my school if you crawled in with your legs blown off leaving a trail of gore and blood the other kids would step over you. For that matter, so would the teachers.

Cathy’s angst over the clinical trials took up a large portion of the show (and while I was sorry we got no more of the weird visions of Marlene, and I wonder whether she’ll turn up again, I’m glad the writers didn’t go down the ‘Cathy’s totally losing her mind’ route.) She is confronted with mortality in a queasy yet remarkably unforced moment in the children’s ward and looks sadly at a bunch of terminally ill children. Terminally ill children are often used to manipulate emotions, but it didn’t feel that way here. The writers showed restraint and it ultimately fit into the story.

Oscar-nominee Gabourey Sidibe also makes her return. Her character is a welcome return and possibly the only straight-up comedic aspect of the show (a far cry from the ultra-depressing Precious) even if the relationship between her character and Cathy is a decidedly unlikely dynamic-would she really be bothered organizing Rebecca’s baby shower? Would she really care?

The rift between Cathy and her brother was soon resolved and Cathy’s son had quite the moment with a girl fresh out of rehab. Hopefully this season of The Big C will broaden out from Cathy and we can spend even more time with her family and friends.

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