TEEN WOLF “Heart Monitor” Review

Teen wolf (MTV) - Heart Monitor episode 6

TEEN WOLF “Heart Monitor” Season 1 Episode 6 – Don’t get angry! Scott gets some schooling as he tries to keep his distance from Allison. He still seems clueless, but his doofus moments are limited to those of a hormonal, high school teenager in tonight’s TEEN WOLF. After a couple lackluster episodes, I am relieved to say that “Heart Monitor” is a great episode and things are getting juicy. The opening sequence is clever and exciting, setting the tone for the rest of the episode, which mixes funny with scary with high school (which is both funny and scary). Many of the transitions between scenes are also very visually interesting. The big question that the episode asks, but does not definitively answer, is who the Alpha is and what does he want.

Can Scott be taught by Derek to control his wolf side? If you can teach me, I can stay away from Allison. Uh huh, whatever. He does try at least, though Derek seems as willing to teach Scott as Scott is to help Derek figure out Alpha’s motives, meaning not at all. A teacher who doesn’t know if he can teach a student is not very useful, though Derek does offer the advice about needing primal animal rage to shift into a wolf. You would think that Scott could figure this fact out by himself.

Never fear though, because Stiles nobly forgives Scott and offers to play Yoda in decidedly unorthodox ways.

Derek is wrong about Allison making Scott weak. She brings down his heart rate as the coach/teacher is berating him. That was the sweetest hand-holding scene I’ve seen in a while. And Scott says he loves Allison!

The heart-to-heart that Scott and Stiles have in detention is so serious and, well, heartfelt that it is almost funny. I wonder what the shifty-looking teacher thought they were talking about.

Derek goes to his Uncle Peter to ask if he knows anything about the Alpha. Blink, dammit (moving an index finger – even better)! Like that is going to be effective. Derek’s approach to Scott’s lessons is basically the same, too.

The spiral is a sign for vendetta. Who was the deer, or what did the spiral on it signify? Does the M imprint from the drink, rolling back to Scott in the parking garage, mean anything? Was it even an M?

Allison is related to the hunter, named Argent, who trapped “la bete du Gevaudan” (a man-eating wolf-like animal). The beast of Gevaudan is the messenger of Satan, an implied relation to the Alpha! What does that make Scott?

Something smells like it’s rotting or dying. Enter Jackson. The claw in the mouth was really unexpected and gross! Did it go back into his body? Did he imagine that, or did it actually happen? The scene with Allison immediately following this was odd. It felt out of place for Jackson to suddenly emote how he feels about being number one jock at school. Both Alpha and Jackson are fixated on Scott, for different reasons. Now I’ll be wondering all the time if it’s Jackson, or the thing inside him, expressing his thoughts.

Scott’s howl (after the cat being choked to death) attracts the Alpha, who appears at the same time that the vet disappears. Coincidence? Do you think the vet is really the Alpha? Is Derek dead – surely not?

Did you hear the sound of your heart beat rising? What did you think of episode 6 “Heart Monitor” of Teen Wolf? Comment below.