Childrens Hospital

CHILDRENS HOSPITAL “Nip/Tug” Season 3, Episode 5 – One of the big developments in this episode is that Childrens Hospital is actually set in Brazil and staffed entirely by American expatriates (well, at least it was this week.) The massive shots of the Brazilian city scape as Glenn and Owen mundanely chatted were not only gorgeous, but were the punch line for the entire brilliant gag that one might argue was set up in the season opener when we saw Lola running through the streets of Southern California.

Dr. Tugg is the incredible pediatric plastic surgeon who is able to turn average children into Sarah Hyland look-a-likes and is “better than gooder with the ladies.” He inadvertently makes waves among the Childrens Hospital staff as a result of his irresistible sexual presence. I loved the effect Dr. Tugg had on Glenn and Owen, inciting their jealousy and eventually befriending them by being bros on a mission for a huge surgery induced high. Seth Morris is credited as the hilarious Dr. Tugg, and if I’m not mistaken, he also played Dr. Nate Schacter, Blake’s clown race rival, in earlier Childrens Hospital seasons. My favorite Tugg moment is a toss up between the scene where he describes the surgical process in detail to his patient’s mother and Cat who are immediately seduced by his gory sexual innuendo, and his final scene where he gives a speech consisting mostly of words that rhyme with his name.

Meanwhile, Blake is sitting in on a rape prevention seminar taught by Chief. Blake has been quietly coping with a past violent encounter in the Childrens Hospital supply room where Valerie took advantage of him. Although Valerie is technically a man, poor Blake has became the laughingstock of the rape prevention seminar because no one believed he could be raped by a woman (and maybe they didn’t even believe he could have been raped by a man.) Malin Ackerman can really pull out Valerie’s frightening malice and after the scene where Blake confronts her about his assault, I don’t blame Blake for running away as fast as he could, rape whistle in hand.

Lastly, Dr. Max returns to mess things up royally in the maternity ward at Childrens Hospital. I liked this side storyline, and enjoyed seeing all the familiar faces in the crowd of angry parents, but my favorite part came at the very end of the episode. I about died laughing when Max crossed paths with a misplaced baby and confidently decided that the baby belonged in the cabinet. It was just so bizarre, so deadpan and so funny.

I’m impressed by the number of story lines Childrens Hospital managed to squeeze into this week’s 15 minute episode and I’m even more impressed by the fact that I found each of those story lines very entertaining. Overall, a really solid episode of Childrens Hospital.