WAREHOUSE 13 Season 3 – Who’s Steve Jinks?

Aaron Ashmore as Steve Jinks
When WAREHOUSE 13 returns for its third season on Monday July 11 (9/8c on Syfy), it will be with a fresh face. As previously reported, Aaron Ashmore (Smallville) is joining the cast this season as Steve Jinks, a new member of the team who has a special ability: he can tell when people lie. But that’s not all, something you might not know is that the character of Steve Jinks is gay.

Executive Producer Jack Kenny and Aaron Ashmore recently took some time to talk about Steve Jinks and what’s coming up this season on Warehouse 13. Get ready because according to Kenny, “this is the best season yet.”

How does Steve fit in?

As you can probably imagine, the other characters are tentative with Steve’s addition, there’s definitely some tensions. Ashmore explained that “there are ways these characters are going to clash and ways they’re going to bond.”

With Steve jinks being assigned as Pete’s new partner, I can only let you imagine his first reaction… banter anyone?

A love interest for Steve?

Unfortunately, don’t expect to see much of a relationship this season for Steve. When asked about it, Kenny explained that this season of Warehouse 13 would focus more on everything else going in the warehouse, but that should Steve return next season he might get a love interest.

The good news is Steve will have a connection to Claudia, they get to be besties.

Steve’s Past

If you’re hoping to find out more about Steve’s past, you’re in luck because according to Ashmore, we will start to see who he is and get a bit of his life story in episode 2 and 6.

Ashmore added, “he is more reserved and has these walls up. Through the season you get nuggets of the character.”

To which Kenny added, “Steve comes from a complex past.”

Visiting other Warehouses this Season

Kenny teased that we would kind of be visiting other Warehouses this season. There are elements of Warehouse 7 that they will be touching on. And the stuff that was excavated from Warehouse 2 is being delivered to Warehouse 13, so they’ll be dealing with some of that. We will also be seeing a little bit of Warehouse 12.

Crossover Episode with Eureka?

Yes! Kenny confirmed that Fargo would be coming to visit again in episode 5. Unfortunately, there will be no crossover to Eureka.

Holiday Episode?

If you enjoyed last year’s Holiday episode of Warehouse 13, you will be happy to know that there will be another Holiday episode this year. Once again, it will be completely stand alone from the rest of the series.

Comic-Con 2011

Warehouse 13’s panel will take place on Friday, July 22 at 4:15pm in Ballroom 20. No word on wether Aaron Ashmore will be there yet, but some of the main regular cast will be.

Additional fun facts

– There will be an episode that involves a Confederate reenactment.
– Jack Kenny is directing the last episode of the season.
– Remember that possible HG Wells spin off? Unfortunately, Kenny didn’t have much to say about it because they are still in the pitching process. But Kenny did add, “I think everybody’s really excited about.” But it’s a long way to go.

So that’s all for now, but don’t forget to watch the Season 3 premiere of Warehouse 13 on Monday July 11 at at 9/8c on Syfy.