SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE (2011) “2 of 16 Voted Off” Season 8 Episode 11

sytycd 2011 top 16 elimination mrianda robert
SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE (2011) “2 of 16 Voted Off” Season 8 Episode 11 – It’s time for another elimination episode for So You Think You Can Dance. Let’s talk about the episode.

Group Performance

Group performance – Top 16
Song: “The Incredits” from The Incredibles (Soundtrack)
Choreographer: Michael Bruni
Thoughts: I really enjoyed the music and how there was so much happening with all the dancers. A great group number to start the show.

AXIS Performance – The duet “To Color Me Different” by Alex Ketley was performed. It was pretty cool, I had never seen anything like that before.

Champion Ballroom Dancers Eric Luna and Georgia Ambarion Performance – OMG did you see that?! That was incredible!! One of my favorite performance on a result show. I couldn’t keep my eyes off them. Wow! WOW!!

Bottom three couples: Ashley & Chris, Miranda & Robert, and Caitlynn & Mitchell. (That’s 2 out of 3 right for me.)

Bottom Three


Song: “For You” by David Ryan Harris
Thoughts: It was just ok for me. Nothing too exciting.

Song: “You’re Gonna Make It” by KJ-52 featuring Blanca Reyes
Thoughts: There was a lot of passion and a story to his dancing, I really enjoyed it.

Song: “Unthinkable” by Maria Zouroudis
Thoughts: Since I love Miranda I might be biased, but I thought she had a great solo.

Song: “I Don’t Need It” by Jamie Foxx
Thoughts: Robert is a performer, there’s not question about that. Even with the short amount of time he had on stage, he was able to win us over (at least he won me over). Great solo.

Song: “It Doesn’t Hurt (Live Version)” by Katie Thompson
Thoughts: Pretty good, pretty good.

Song: “Rolling in the Deep” by Adele
Thoughts: Maybe it’s because I love Adele, but I thought it was a great solo.

So who’s going home? It’s a couple tonight: Miranda and Robert

I’m really sad to see Miranda go because not only was she the only girl in the bottom three that I wanted to stay, but she was one of my favorites in the show. Boo!! As for Robert, I really wasn’t expecting him to get eliminated. The worst part is that Miranda and Robert was the only couple that I hadn’t put in the bottom three in my review for last night’s performance, yet they are the ones heading home. So sad.

What did you think of tonight’s elimination? Are happy with the judges’ decision to send Miranda and Robert home?

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