NBC’s THE OFFICE Interviews James Spader for New Position

James spader

James Spader (Boston Legal) may be getting a promotion even before getting the job. After Spader’s character in THE OFFICE was interviewed for the Dunder Mifflin manager position in the season 7 finale, the show’s producers began to envision Spader as the CEO of the paper company. He would replace Kathy Bates who is leaving the show to focus her attention on the second season of Harry’s Law. Unlike Bates’ occasional appearances as CEO, Spader would have a weekly recurring role on The Office.

No deal or script has been confirmed yet, but if negotiations go well, Spader will appear in the 8th season premiere as the character Robert California. Robert will be introduced as the new office manager, who immediately thinks the position is beneath him. So he talks his way into being appointed as the new company CEO.

Sources tell EW.com that Robert is manipulative and has a creepy sexual vibe, which changes the office dynamics. “Dwight has never come up against somebody equally powerful and diabolical. With Andy, [Robert] could be a real father figure and make life really hard for him once he senses he can manipulate him. Jim reads people really quickly, yet isn’t sure what to make of this guy.”

This promotion means that the role of manager is still up for grabs, either by an internal or external job candidate. Who this might be is completely unclear, although names such as Catherine Tate, Creed Bratton and Will Ferrell have been thrown around as possible replacements for the position.

Who do you think would be a worthy manager to go up against Spader as Robert?