BURN NOTICE “Bloodlines” Review

BURN NOTICE "Bloodlines" Season 5 Episode 2 (1)

BURN NOTICE “Bloodlines” Season 5 Episode 2 – This episode blew me away like one of Michael’s handy dandy little bombs. It started out as just your average run- of-the-mill Burn Notice episode, but turned into anything but. Michael and Fi are doing their hot little flirty thing (on motorcycles no less), Sam is being his usual funny self, and then Jesse comes long with a case to help some regular folks who are in trouble.

Now that Michael’s back in the fold with CIA, doing those odd jobs helping the little people aren’t as easy. So he stretches himself more thinly than normal and has to recruit Fi to help keep his official job afloat while he helps with the Jesse with the unofficial one. Then, still needing more help, he also reluctantly allows his mother to lend a hand on the case. Madeline tells him she can handle it but then has to see first-hand what her son is like when he’s on a job.

After that, this episode went down some dark paths, to places I never expected. Michael is forced to rain abuse down on his mother to sell their story and his actions can’t help but to remind them both of his abusive father. It was heartbreaking to watch them have to deal with what that man did to both of them and I honestly couldn’t decide who it must have been harder for – Madeline reliving those terrible moments or Michael having to reenact them.

In the end, both of them show just how strong they are and get through it like champs. Not only that, but they actually seem even stronger when it’s all over. Madeline even encourages Michael to rebuild his dad’s Charger (again), and Michael takes the next big step in his love life by asking Fi to move in with him.

My favorite bits..

I realize it’s probably pretty lame, but I simply cannot help saying Michael’s speech along with him at the beginning of every episode.

Haha! I so know that the other person on the bike was a chick, but it turning out to be Fi? That was awesome.

“These vacations are gonna kill me pretty quickly if you keep riding like that.” – So many dirty thoughts..so little time.

Fi’s requirements for a new home including being able to use a sniper rifle from the balcony. Well yeah, I know that’s the first thing I look for in a condo, too.

Michael playing the goofy drunk very well.

Wait. Fi jumps off a roof in heels and it’s *Sam* who hurst his ankle on the way down? Jeesh.

Oh come on Michael! How can you not know Frogger?

The look on Madeline’s face when she saw that Michael wasn’t lying when he said that his “act” wasn’t gonna feel like an act. Wow.

Fi proving to Huxley that maybe an exciting woman is not really what he was looking for after all.

Yay! Sugar is back!

“I’m not gonna hit you, mom.”
“It’s not like I haven’t been hit before.” (Jesus, that just killed me. As did Michael’s instructions to her about how to snap her head back, though it would still hurt.)

Fi getting Huxley to realize how much he loves his wife. That was awesome.

“Okay, they just stole my watch.”

Madeline telling Michael that he could play his father in that room, but not when they were outside. Wow, this stuff is probably the most powerful I’ve ever seen on this show.

Madeline showing off some mad driving skills.

“He moves, shoot him in his good leg.”

Madeline taking the money from Jesse…and then giving it to Michael to fix the Charger (yay!).

Michael again knowing that Max was walking up behind him. How the heck does he do that????

Michael giving Fi a shelf for her snow globes…in his place. Awww.

What did you think of this episode of Burn Notice? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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