THE VOICE “The Results Show” Review – And The Winner Is…

Dia Frampton, Beverly McClellan, Vicci Martinez, Javier Colon
THE VOICE “The Results Show” Season 1 Episode 12 – It all comes down to tonight’s episode of THE VOICE as the winner gets crowned. Time to talk about it.

But before we got to the results, each contestant got to sing a duet with one of their idols.

Vicci Martinez, Pat Monahan

Vicci Martinez

Duet artist: Train’s Pat Monahan
Song: “Tears of Jupiter” by Train
Thoughts: Well, I adore this song, so no one will ever be able to sing it as well as Pat Monahan for me. As for this performance with Vicci, it was ok, of course Monahan was great, but I didn’t feel there was a lot of chemistry between the two of them.

 Javier Colon, Stevie Nicks

Javier Colon

Duet artist: Stevie Nicks
Song: “Landslide”
Thoughts: Beautiful performance. Javier’s voice complimented Stevie Nicks’ perfectly. Really enjoyed it.

Ryan Tedder, Beverly McClellan

Beverly McClellan

Duet artist: Ryan Tedder
Song: “Good Life” by One Republic
Thoughts: It started off a bit rough, but got better. Wow Ryan Tedder is really energetic, it was fun to watch him perform.

Dia Frampton, Miranda Lambert

Dia Frampton

Duet artist: Miranda Lambert
Song: “The House That Built Me”
Thoughts: It was a very subtle and beautiful performance. Both of their voices sounds great together.

And it was finally time for the results. And so The Voice 2011 is:

Javier Colon

Adam Levine, Javier Colon

Coming in second is Dia Frampton.

Ok so I didn’t get it totally right, my vote was for Dia, but I did have Javier as my second choice.

Now remains to see how Javier’s career goes. As we’ve seen with American Idol, the winner is not always necessarily the most successful, but it does help. I’m also hoping that even though she didn’t win, Dia will get enough exposure to launch her career.

So what did you think of the results? Are you happy Javier won? If not, who was your pick?

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You can also enjoy some photos from the episode below.

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