PRIMEVAL (UK) Series 5 Episode 6 Review

Primeval series 5 episode 6

PRIMEVAL Series 5 Episode 6 – After last week’s little mishap with the New Dawn anomaly, Connor wakes up in the future and under threat by creatures. Matt and Abby come through the anomaly to save him and bring him home – which they do, but not before we’ve learned the fate of humankind: they’re all dead.

Back in 2011, the group find a humbled Philip. He claims he didn’t want any of this to happen, he thought what Helen wanted was for the best. Abby points out that Helen uses people and Connor convinces Philip to help stop the anomaly. Philip’s only idea is to self-destruct the building housing the anomaly, which he does, killing himself in the process. But the anomaly is large enough to survive without a power source. How will the ARC team stop it?

Back at the ARC, creatures from the future have found their way through Connor’s prototype anomaly. Lester and Jess try to fend them off but Lester is injured. The ARC team gets back in time to tackle the problem and save Lester and Jess.

They decide to merge Connor’s prototype anomaly with the New Dawn anomaly to see if it will help. Matt, ever the hero, drives with the prototype right into the New Dawn anomaly – destroying both. He miraculously survives and the team all head home. There, Abby asks Connor to marry her, and they all ponder whether this means the end of anomalies for good. Apparently not; an anomaly opens and the team all head back out.

But on the way out, Matt sees a vision of himself all dirtied and bloody. ‘Go back. You have to go back,’ it says.

It feels like the first four episodes of this series were filler leading up to the last two. While by no means perfect, they were probably my favourite episodes of Primeval to date. I enjoyed getting to see a bit of the future – however little, however briefly – and I love the ambiguity of the ending. Have the ARC team managed to save the future?

If they have, how is Matt still alive? As Emily points out, he would probably never have existed. Is this what the vision refers to when it says he should ‘go back’? Is his presence in our timeline going to create problems of some sort?

This series finale opens the door for some interesting storylines in a potential series 6 and I really do hope that goes ahead – but I still have a problem with the relationship situation. Connor and Abby are great together and I wouldn’t want that to change, but Matt and Emily and Becker and Jess? It hasn’t been too in-your-face so far, but that may end up being a bit overkill. Hopefully the character dynamics are shifted around a bit before – ifPrimeval comes back.

Summary: an entertaining finale that wraps up the series 4 and 5 storylines, as well as setting up potential future storylines. Well worth a watch.

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