MELISSA & JOEY “Enemies With Benefits” Review

MELISSA & JOEY "Enemies With Benefits

MELISSA & JOEY “Enemies With Benefits” Season 2 Episode 1 – Tonight was the premiere of the second season of MELISSA & JOEY and it sure started off with the drama. Not only has Joe decided to get back into the dating game, but he has decided to do it with his ex-wife. That is not the only surprise. His ex, Tiffany a/k/a Tiff Pop, shares her belief that she is pregnant with Melissa, pinky swearing her into silence.

Well, I was not quite expecting Joe’s ex-wife to look or act as she did. However, upon reflection, it was a rather different route to go. I also began to think that Tiffany and Melissa are not that different. Both are blond, speak rapidly, and like to verbally spar. Of course, Melissa is more on the intelligent end of the spectrum. However, I can see why there is an attraction between Joe and Melissa.

Although Melissa judged Joe for going back to a “golddigger,” I could get where he was coming from. He clearly loved Tiffany at one time and she still wanted to be with him even though he is now broke. Although I disagree that is due to love, I can see how he would think it. I hope this is not the end of Tiffany. As grating as her she would be in huge doses, I did enjoy how she drove Melissa crazy and added a bit of tension in the couple.

Now on to the funny. This episode had quite a few humorous lines and moments. My favorites were:

The nauseatingly amusing nicknames that Joe and his ex-wife had for each other. Joe Joe B and Tiffany Pop.

Tiffany’s emphasis on the words “a lot” when describing how many men she has been with and Melissa responding with “like a parking LOT”

Melissa’s assistant, Steph, and her impression of her mother giving Melissa advice. Not only amusing, but also spot on. We all know that Melissa has a thing for Joe, right?

Melissa telling Joe about Tiffany’s pregnancy with the grocery list gadget.

Melissa asking Joe if they could “talk in private” while rolling her eyes at the grocery list gadget.

Melissa refusing to directly sit on the living room sofa.

So what did you think of the season premiere of Melissa & Joey? More importantly, what did you think about the new opening and song? It looked too technicolor to me and sounded strange. Even more important, what do you think of Joe growing hair? I am not sure if I am a fan of this new development. Tell me what you think down below!

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