FRANKLIN & BASH “You Can’t Take it With You” Review

FRANKLIN & BASH (TNT) You Can't Take it With You

FRANKLIN & BASH “You Can’t Take it With You” Episode 5 – Jared gets a big case about his favorite game. Should be an easy one, right? Not so much. Turns out his dad is the opposing counsel and he’s got his work cut out for him, going after the old man. Those two do not have a good history together and when Jared’s client dies before they get to hear the final verdict, it looks like neither of them are going to win. But then Jared’s dad has the old guy dug up and it looks like he might win, until the old guy manages to pull a fast one.from the grave.

For those who were thinking this show was going to be nothing but a total laugh-fest, this episode should prove that there is some heart underneath all the humor. If you read a lot of my reviews you know there’s nothing I enjoy more than some good angst and I was pretty happy to get a nice dose of that tonight. Throw that in with some daddy issues and I’m a very happy viewer. I also like the fact that Jared and his dad didn’t really resolve anything by the time the episode was over, leaving plenty of room for Daddy Franklin to return and cause more trouble. Not only that but thanks to Peter, I now have my suspicions about the relationship between Jared’s mom and Infeld. Not that I’m necessarily on board with the idea of Infeld being Jared’s dad, but still, things could get very interesting there, too.

My favorite bits..

Loving the boys’ version of curling. Makes me almost wish I still worked in an office, just so I could play it.

“Seriously, he needs an MRI.”
“I know.”

Jared’s little fist pump when he saw that he won the curling contest.

OMG! That’s the guy from CHiPs! Too cool.

Peter telling Jared that he was being very liberal with the baseball analogies.

Despite Jared telling him not to, Peter going ahead and bringing up the dreaded Buffalo story. So not cool.

“You know why she asked you, right?”
“Because she’s done with you and tossed you like a dead battery?”
“Yeah, that sounds about right.”

Peter’s mind going straight to porn when Karp said that he had an issue on his server.

“It’s complicated porn? Maybe we underestimated you.”

The boys laughing their asses off when Karp said he wanted to be a judge someday.

“Dude, I’m lawyer-ing.”

Jared facing his dad in court..uh oh.

Peter reminding Jared that his dad was a lawyer who literally spanked him. Burn!

Jared’s dad wouldn’t let him watch Walker, Texas Ranger?? Sacrilege! Chuck Norris would not approve.

Absolutely adoring Pindar’s shirt.

Pindar’s little moan when Karp told him to sign the gag order.

OH COME ON PINDAR!! We all know what Karp did to..ahem..relax. This is so much better than porn.

The judge calling Jared “Reverend Franklin.”

“Objection. Argumentative…and lame.”

Everyone coming up with kick-ass clowns. Too strange because I was literally talking about Pennywise with someone yesterday. *insert Twilight Zone music here*

Whoa, whoa, whoa…did Pindar just say “surprisingly big” about what I think he just did?

Cracking up at the fact that “turtle weenie” was just used in a court of law.

Jared brilliantly finding a way to get the jury to see the brothers fighting “like a couple of nitwits.” That was awesome.

Totally knowing the old guy was gonna go down to a heart attack right after he was nearly hit by a bus.

Peter warning Ronny not to look Hanna in the eyes.

“Stop looking at me like I’m lying about denting your Jag.”

Jared chatting it up with Mr. Drunk And Passed Out.

Karp finding out that his little video had just made its way via email to a few circuit court judges. Oops.

Finding out what really happened at that baseball game and why Jared never actually saw the famous home run. Poor dude.

“… ‘To be opened in the event some bastard digs me up’…. Oh, it’s for you.”

Peter telling Ronny that he felt being locked up was “centering”.

“Well if you couldn’t do that with your bullshit Leonard, I suspect the lad is impervious.”

The judge apparently opening Karp’s email. Hahaha!

Peter making that crack about how Jared’s mom was boning Infeld because she needed the attention and he couldn’t be there all the time for her. Did it look to anyone else like that was a genuine laugh? Hmm.I wonder if that bit was unscripted. Either way, it was freaking hilarious.

Peter asking Jared if he would rather have Infled as his dad. Interesting question.

What did you think of this episode of Franklin & Bash? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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