Exclusive Interview: Find Out Why ROYAL PAINS’ Brooke D’Orsay Wants Paige To Get Bitten By A Shark

Royal Pains

You may know Brooke D’Orsay from such shows as Gary Unmarried or Drop Dead Diva but, if you are a fan of the hit summer USA series Royal Pains, you know her better as Paige Collins, the sweet but tough girlfriend of Evan Lawson played by the very funny Paulo Costanzo.

Brooke took some time to talk with Daemon’s TV about the third season of Royal Pains, what is coming up for Paige, and why she wants Paige to get bitten by a shark.

Don’t forget to tune in to the Royal Pains Season 3 premiere which airs tonight Wednesday, June 29, at 9pm on USA Network.

What is coming up for Paige in this third season of Royal Pains?

Brooke D’Orsay: Paige is going to have a family crisis come up and Evan will have to help her though it. The season 3 premiere starts up the following summer so they have been dating for a year which brings its own sets of challenges.

Page is actually sort of a mysterious character. The viewers are trying to figure her out as much as Evan is. How do you see the character?

Brooke D’Orsay: Paige is a kind and generous person and has evolved a lot since we first met her. She used be a rich and spoiled girl but she has come a long way. Now there are more colors to play with. But my favorite thing with Brooke are always the fun scenes, especially with Paulo [Costanzo] because he’s such a fun guy; I really do love those fun scenes that they write for us where it’s light and campy and cheerful. It’s the best job in the world when you get to go to work and work in Long Island or The Hamptons or wherever we are that day and the sun is shining. You get to go to work and laugh. It doesn’t get better than that.

Is Paulo as goofy in real life?

Brooke D’Orsay: He’s so goofy. Thank God, because he’s the class clown. Every set needs somebody that’s just comic relief and he provides that in spades. He’s just so much fun to be around and to have as a scene partner. I really wouldn’t want anyone else to be Evan. His brain just goes a mile a minute and he can roll one joke into the next joke into the next joke. So, yeah, he’s amazing.

Is it difficult to keep your composure with him in a scene?

Brooke D’Orsay: Sometimes it is, but more than anything, like, I feel like it makes my job so much easier because I’m playing somebody who’s charmed by him. It makes it easier when I actually do find him a very funny human being. So, when I actually laugh onscreen I’m really laughing because he cracks me up. He makes my job easy.

Your character on ‘Drop Dead Diva’ is somewhat central and discreet character. Will you be appearing again this season?

Brooke D’Orsay: I will, yeah. I come in on the seventh episode. They tell the story in flashbacks. So, I’ve got a few scenes in that episode and it’s really cute, the way that they’ve tied it all in to Jane’s past. It’s tough because mostly on ‘Royal Pains’ I couldn’t do a lot of flip flopping back and forth. So, I’ll just be in the one episode of ‘Drop Dead Diva‘ this season.

Do people mostly recognize you for ‘Royal Pains’ or ‘Drop Dead Diva’?

Brooke D’Orsay: It’s interesting because ‘Drop Dead Diva‘, when that came out, like, the numbers, what they tell us about how many people are watching the show, I feel like it’s so many more people than that. I get recognized all the time for ‘Drop Dead Diva’ and I’m not in the show a lot.

But I think it’s because my image is there and they’re talking about that character all the time that I’m very present in people’s minds. I get recognized a lot for that. When I was on the show ‘Gary Unmarried‘, I know the viewership was really big, and yet people were all about me on ‘Drop Dead Diva‘. So, it was strange.

With ‘Royal Pains‘, even at the very beginning I think I’d only done three episodes or four episodes and the public was very excited about me on that show, probably more so than anything else I’ve done. I was surprised by that because I’d only been in a few episodes at that point. So, I think ‘Royal Pains‘ is a show that a lot of people watch and a lot of people love because it’s one of those feel good shows where everyone says the right thing. Hank is such a character that does good and well at the same time. You root for him. It’s got a good vibe to it.

What direction do you see your career going right now?

Brooke D’Orsay: It’s so funny that you asked me that because I was thinking about that today as I was eating my lunch. It’s so tough to say. Actors, when we’re working we’re just so fortunate to be working because there’s so many that aren’t. I do see myself continuing to stay on this path, probably do a sitcom at some point, and then maybe segue into writing as I get older. I know that I’d love to stay acting for as long as I can and I certainly hope to do more films and to be on a series with an ensemble cast. But I think at some point I’ll segue into other areas of the business.

Is it fair to say that you’re more attracted to comedy than to drama?

Brooke D’Orsay: Absolutely. If I read a script and it doesn’t have a joke in it I can’t do it. If I read a drama and I’m like, ‘Okay, really? There’s not even one joke?’ I can’t get excited about it, and not that I need everything to be like a sitcom, but it needs to have some type of humor in it. Otherwise I can’t take life that seriously and it just kills me. I can’t have friends that take life too seriously. There needs to be some lightness about it. Otherwise it mainly depresses me, to be honest. We’re all on this planet and we’re all getting through it and we need humor to help us along the way sometimes, and taking life and situations too seriously I think is just really bad for our health.

I’m sure working with Paulo is the cherry on top, right?

Brooke D’Orsay: Oh, absolutely, and the writers on the show are so funny. Mark Feuerstein is so funny. I’m surrounded by really funny, witty people and then Paulo, he’s the pinnacle of all of it.

Are there any upcoming projects you have that you can talk about?

Brooke D’Orsay: I’m waiting on a pilot right now. I did a pilot for ABC this past pilot season.


Brooke D’Orsay: ‘Smothered’, and we still haven’t received confirmation one way or another, whether we’re moving forward or not.

I hope you get it. I’m really a fan of you and Kyle Howard.

Brooke D’Orsay: Yeah, it’d be a dream. Marcia Gay Harden and John C. McGinley and Adam Arkin. I’d be learning from the best of the best and it’d be really wonderful if something were to happy with it in some capacity. It’d be amazing.

Is there a question that nobody asks you, but you want to give an answer to?

Brooke D’Orsay: That’s a really good question. Now it’s in my court. Maybe like “what’s a storyline that I’d like to see happen with Paige?”. No one has asked me that. I’d love for her to get bitten by a rattlesnake or a shark, something really life threatening where Evan would have to think fast. Lets say that we were hiking and I got bit by a snake and he’d have to carry me down the hill because if I ran down the hill the poison would go through my body, something so high drama and life threatening. But at the same time it’s a rattlesnake bite and so they could put some fun in there, too. I think that’d be fun.

Do you want Evan to save your life?

Brooke D’Orsay: I want Evan to be involved with it, and then I’d have to be rushed to the hospital. Something life threatening and dramatic would be fun, something involving a chase where we had to race me somewhere. I haven’t had any medical problems in the show and I think that’d be really fun. I want one.

You deserve one. I say we make it happen.

Brooke D’Orsay: Yeah.

If you had the opportunity to guest star on any TV show out there which one would it be?

Brooke D’Orsay: My dream guest star on any show? If we could go back in time I’d love to guest star on ‘Family Ties‘. I know that’s so long time ago. That, or ‘Growing Pains‘. I’d love to go back as one of Kirk Cameron’s girlfriends. Remember his friend Boner? I’d love to have been Boner’s sister or Boner’s girlfriend. I missed my opportunity there, but that would’ve been great.

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