COVERT AFFAIRS “All the Right Friends” Review

COVERT AFFAIRS "All the Right Friends" Season 2 Episode 4 (5)

COVERT AFFAIRS “All the Right Friends” Season 2 Episode 4 – This week Annie finds herself racing around Argentina with Carlo, a supposed Italian spy who claims to be a journalist, after an exchange goes awry. Annie tries to keep them alive, out of the sights of both an assassin on their trail and the Argentinean police. A skeptical Carlo thinks it’s the CIA who are trying to kill them.

Is it? Of course not. Back home, Joan checks out the diplomat from the Italian embassy after Annie raises suspicions about him and decides he’s dirty. Jay and Auggie alternately act as Annie’s handler since Auggie is otherwise engaged for half of the episode. Why? Because Arthur has a job offer for him. It would give him his own department, a pay rise and other tempting perks. The downside? Auggie would have to go ‘overt’ and become a public face for the CIA.

Auggie is offended by Arthur’s insinuation that he won’t lose anything by taking the position since he’s not really out in the field, and it seems as though he may turn the offer down. But when it becomes clear that Annie may be left to fend for herself in Argentina, he asks Arthur for an additional ‘perk’ – an extraction in a foreign country.

When Annie gets back to the US, there’s a message from Auggie waiting: he has some news.

This is my favourite episode of the four aired so far. ‘All the Right Friends’ was a proper spy caper, with murder and intrigue and flirting. Carlo was a great character and I loved his and Annie’s playful interactions.

Their flight around Argentina was a great counterpoint to the stuff going on back home, too. It’s always interesting to see Joan actively take an interest in cases rather than playing the ice queen. My only complaint about this episode would be Jai – he just sat in the background looking suspicious for most of the episode and by the end I couldn’t decide what was going on in his head. He wants more from the CIA, that much is clear, but is he going to play nice until he gets it or is he going to try and screw Auggie over?

Speaking of Auggie, this promotion is a huge deal, both for his character and for us, the viewer. Surely he can’t continue to have contact with Annie if he takes the position or else risk breaking her cover? I’m intrigued to see how this plays out…

Summary: a great episode. Season 2 is getting better and better!

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