“You’re A!” Says Ian Harding (Ezra) From PRETTY LITTLE LIARS

ian harding pretty little liars
Ian Harding, whom you know better as Ezra Fitz in PRETTY LITTLE LIARS, took some time this morning to tease what’s coming up in the show.

A is not done with Ezra

While A’s primary focus might be the girls, Ezra is not safe. Harding teased, “A is going to be messing with Ezra a bit more, whether he knows that is going to be in the air.” According to Harding, “it’s more fun for A to put a wedge between Aria and Ezra.”

But what I found even more interesting is that Harding revealed that the other girls would impact the relationship between Ezra and Aria, and although he couldn’t say more, he did hint that it would be going in an interesting direction.

Could Ezra find out about A?

So will Ezra find out about A? Of course Harding didn’t have the answer but in his humble opinion, it’s bound to happen.

Jason vs Ezra

How is Ezra going to react when he finds out about Jason? “It’s not going to be what you expect.” Harding said, “There’s going to be some misunderstanding.”

And while he couldn’t say much more, Harding added “It will be classic Ezra style with a Pretty Little Liars twist”

What’s the deal with Jackie?

Harding confirmed that Jackie would play a part in the story. He explained that they shot a few scene that were foreboding. “She’s going to have a part in whatever happens toward the middle of the season.”

Who’s A?

But the biggest question remains: “Who’s A?” And the truth is no one in the cast knows, to the point that anyone could be A. Harding joked that it would be as if you showed up at work with a new script and “you’re A!”

Pretty Little Liars airs on Tuesdays at 8pm on ABC Family.

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