WHITE COLLAR “Dentist of Detroit” Review

WHITE COLLAR "Dentist of Detroit" Season 3 Episode 4

WHITE COLLAR “Dentist of Detroit” Season 3 Episode 4 – We all know Mozzie had his secrets and in this episode, we got to learn quite a few of them. Not only that but we got to see how Mozzie became, well, Mozzie. From day one when he was just a tiny tyke wearing glasses, left in a basket on the doorstep of an orphanage, to the day when he was twelve years old and (with the help of a clueless thug) conned a mobster out of a bunch of cash.

When Mozzie’s old friend is being threatened, the entire story comes out so that Peter and Neal can help, which allowed for lots of fun moments between Mozzie and Peter. As much fun as it is to watch Peter and Neal, I really love the dynamic between Peter and Mozzie, too and it was played in spades in this one. Mozzie realizes that Peter could be in danger for impersonating him and takes off to make sure that doesn’t happen (after reassuring Elizabeth that her husband would be fine), that made my heart turn to goo. Who doesn’t love Mozzie coming to the rescue for once?

Meanwhile, Neal and Peter are still doing their little dance – each pretending not to know what the other is up too but both obviously knowing exactly what’s going on. Those furtive looks at the end spoke volumes and I think they both know that it’s likely they won’t be partners for very much longer if things continue on their current path. The question now is who is going to change course first.

My favorite bits..

Mozzie selling his ‘sleight of hand-me downs’ to help an old friend.

The super cute pic of mini Mozzie.

Neal replying “here!” when Peter called his name in the meeting. Can’t say I blame him, the way Peter was barking orders at everyone, he did kinda sound like a teacher.

Really, really wanting to know what was up with the apple, seeing how quick Neal grabbed it away from that guy.

Finding out that Mozzie is …the dentist of Detroit?? Okay, now I’m intrigued.

“What did he do now?” “Took an early lunch.” “Remind me to never get on your bad side.”

Mozzie should’ve know better than to tell Peter to just try and stop him from doing anything.

Mozzie completely losing his noodle inside his clear glass “cell”.

Literally laughing out loud at the sight of mini Mozzie, glasses and all, in his little basket.

Finding out that it was Mr. Jeffries who started giving Mozzie all his favorite quotes. So cool.

Little Mozzie finding a great way to avoid being beaten up by a bully.

Bubble gum ice cream? Really Mozzie? I’m just gonna take that as another unique thing that makes you, you.

“That’s why we pay you the big bucks…if we paid you.”

Mozzie trying to demand secrets as part of his “deal”.

LOL! Stealing $500K at age twelve? Yep, I’d call that a gifted child, all right.

“They were quite decent…for people who wore suits.”

Mozzie coming up with ‘The Dentist’ because it was the scariest thing he could think of. LOL. Is it strange that I’ve never really been afraid of dentists?

Mozzie calling the FBI safehouse ‘legalize torture’…that is until he was threatened with a lockdown.

Peter and Jones changing their tune as soon as Mozzie threatened to sleep in the nude. Haha!

“I saw a dead mouse on the radiator.” “Lucky bastard got out while he could.”

Yes! And the hat makes a triumphant return! Gotta love Neal in a hat.

Elizabeth baking muffins for Mozzie.

Elizabeth taking a “prom picture” of Neal and Peter in their tuxes. All I can say now is…CAN I HAVE A COPY PLEASE??

Hmmm..who else is pretty sure that Elizabeth did NOT tell Peter about the streaking offense?

Mozzie reassuring Elizabeth that Peter would be fine, after he went and opened his big mouth and talked about someone “taking a bullet.”

Totally knowing why Mozzie wanted that melon as son as I saw it. So sneaky and I love him for it.

“Here I come, Peter. Wish me luck, Melon Me.”

The agent remarking that Mozzie even sleeps annoying. Ha.

Wondering just how much of that fake argument Peter and Neal was really fake. I mean c’mon, at least some of that was real, we all know it.

The look on Peter’s face when Neal made reference to his “hot wife.” Whoa!

Aw, that ad for foster children was beyond adorable. Love that it had Willie’s real adopted son in it.

Mozzie thanking Peter. Aw.

Mozzie telling Neal to enjoy his friendship with Peter while it lasted and reminding him that when they left, they were going to have to let everything, and everyone, go.

Mozzie and Mr. Jeffries having a guote-off.

Aha! So that’s where he got his name! Mozart the bear.

The little look-and-look-away moment between Peter and Neal at the end.

What did you think of this episode of White Collar? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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