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THE VOICE “The Finals” Season 1 Episode 11 – It’s all down to tonight’s episode of THE VOICE in which the final four contestants will perform one last time for your votes. Yes, this time only our votes will count towards the winner.

So let’s talk about tonight’s episode and the performances.

The coaches start the show by performing Queen’s “Under Pressure,” and one again I love it. I’m so sad the coaches’ performances are not available on iTunes to buy, because I totally would have purchase “Under Pressure” and more.

And it’s time for the contestants to take the stage. Tonight they will each perform one original song and one duet with their coach.


Javier Colon

Javier Colon

Original Song: “Stitch By Stitch”
Thoughts: First thing I thought was “Wow, The Voice is blowing American Idol out of the water original song-wise.” Apart for Kelly Clarkson’s “A Moment Like This” I’ve never bought any of their winning songs (too cheesy for me), but this was actually something I could imagine hearing on the radio and thinking it’s quite good. Javier sounded great and I agree with Cee Lo saying that it sounded like his song.

Duet with Adam Levine: “Man in the Mirror” by Michael Jackson
Thoughts: Javier has an unfair advantage here since he has Adam and I just love the sound of his voice. But I think this was my second favorite duet performance of the night. It seems that Adam is really great at performances with his team because I also loved the previous time her performed with them.

Dia Frampton

Dia Frampton

Original Song: “Inventing Shadows”
Thoughts: Dia was an early favorite of mine at the auditions, so I’ve been rooting for her since then. This was another song that I could picture myself hearing on the radio and wanting to buy. And of course I loved Dia’s performance, she remains my favorite of the competition.

Duet with Blake Shelton: “I Won’t Back Down” by Tom Petty
Thoughts: I love that they coordinated their outfits!

Vicci Martinez

Vicci Martinez

Original Song: “Afraid To Sleep”
Thoughts: Don’t love this original song that much. It was just ok for me.

Duet with Cee Lo Green: “Love Is A Battlefield” by Pat Benatar
Thoughts: Now that’s a grandiose performance! I wasn’t expecting it at all, but I think that this has to be the best duo of the night. Plus the kids were adorable. Vicci brought it on this one.

Beverly McClellan

Beverly McClellan

Original Song: “Lovesick”
Thoughts: I really enjoyed this performance. Usually, I don’t care too much about Beverly, but this was a great performance and the song fit her perfectly.

Duet with Christina Aguilera: “Beautiful” by Christina Aguilera
Thoughts: Ok so Beverly has an unfair advantage here because I love this song. It was a beautiful performance (no pun intended). I loved it.


Pitbull featuring Ne-Yo performed “Give Me Everything.” Well, I like the song, so it was a nice break from the performances.

Brad Paisley performance “Don’t Drink the Water. I love that Blake Shelton suddenly joined the performance.


I think ultimately my vote has to go to Dia Frampton. I’ve loved her voice from the beginning, she had the best original song of the night and I would probably buy her album.

My second choice would be Javier Colon.

So that’s me, but what about you? What did you think of tonight’s performances? And more importantly who are you rooting for to win?

Don’t forget to tune in tomorrow, June 29, at 8pm on NBC for the final result show.

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