THE SECRET LIFE OF THE AMERICAN TEENAGER “When Opportunity Knocks” Season 4 Episode 3 – This episode involved a whole lotta parent counselling, which would be fine if we hadn’t already explored the issue of Amy and Ricky moving in together about a million times before. Ricky’s mothers (his biological and adopted) are annoyed that he did not tell them, Amy’s father is still annoyed and there’s a bunch of chatter about the two of them living together, which is fine and a reasonable plot line, if it hadn’t already been done to death and now feels less like a rehash, more of an exhumation. In the end, predictably, it all works out: Amy’s father arranges to have dinner at Ricky and Amy’s every Thursday, he’s morose and cynical about the whole thing but so far it seems to be working out okay for Ricky and Amy.

On a marginally more interesting scale, Grace has returned from Africa (Zimbabwe, I believe) and she’s rather excited. It seems someone has been quite the unfaithful slut whilst away for two weeks, unable to resist Grant’s absence, Grace latched herself onto Daniel, another medical student from California. This is not great news for Grant, granted (hehe) but it works rather well for getting Adrian out of her slump. The scene with off of Grace’s conquests in one room was really really weird, especially since it seemed so out of character for her to be as awkward as inviting Daniel and Jack into the one room together just so she could introduce Grant to Daniel, before she’d even told Grant that there was trouble between them.

On the Adrian and Ben front, Adrian, as I said, was brought out of her slump by Grace and she’s now ready to get down and dirty with Ben, who now seems on the fence about fleeing as fast as possible, which can happen when a girl in purple lingerie is waiting to whisk you off to the bedroom.

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