TEEN WOLF “The Tell” Review

Teen Wolf (MTV) - The Tell

TEEN WOLF “The Tell” Season 1 Episode 5 – While we learn many insightful facts about all the characters in tonight’s TEEN WOLF, I found it less enjoyable than last week’s great episode. Part of the problem with “The Tell” is that the entire episode seemed to be a jumble of scenes unevenly stitched together with the sole purpose of listing story and character details. None of the characters did anything particularly interesting, and the scenes didn’t have much energy. However, the episode ends with more questions than answers, so I still want to see and learn more. Plus I am hoping that this will be a segue into future episodes with the originality and entertaining qualities of “Magic Bullet.”

Scott and Allison take the day off to celebrate her birthday, while Stiles is researching and desperately trying to contact him about the creature video which he finds on Lydia’s phone. Why does he delete it? Should he have deleted it?

What is Stiles obsession with whether other guys are attracted to him? I think it was addressed in the first episode, but I can’t remember what started it. He pays a visit to Lydia. Is it to find out information or to check up on Lydia?

What is the significance of the dog on Allison’s family heirloom?

Did Jackson’s poke in the neck by Derek protect him from getting killed by the Alpha? He certainly has a bad temper and a huge fear now.

I get that Scott doesn’t really know what is going on and that he just wants to be a normal teenager, but he is still coming off like an idiot. It’s particularly noticeable around Stiles and Derek. I thought we had taken care of this problem after the last episode. Yes, please give him back his masculinity. Still he is intuitive enough to know that Allison had to repeat a year because she moves around a lot. On the other hand, Derek could be more understanding if he wants Scott’s cooperation.

But Derek’s approach is more along the lines of “pain keeps you human.”

So exercise is what wolves do in their spare time. Random – but super hot – display of Tyler Hoechlin’s body!

Revelation! Kate says that the hunters didn’t kill Derek’s sister; she had bite marks on her. Is Alpha the veterinarian?

All the teachers at the school are pretty bizarre. But from them, we learn this: Jackson is adopted, and has an obsessive, overachieving desire to please and succeed. This could be the reason why he kept dogging Scott about steroids. He wants to know how Scott became so good so quickly to use for his own benefit. As was already hinted at, Lydia is actually a smart(!) girl with leadership qualities. I would like her to adjust the blank stare that seems to be her only expression. Stiles, whose mother has died, is very interested in sex and related anatomy. What is Stiles first name? Allison adjusts easily to new surroundings, which will be useful when/if she finds out about Scott’s wolf identity.

That was an anticlimactic last scene which ends with a feeling of “oh, it’s a mountain lion.” I really liked the parking lot scenes leading up to the end though; they were suspenseful and mysterious. Allison is disappointed by her father’s quick and unfeeling trigger finger. Scott also appears shocked at how easily Chris shot the mountain lion.

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