SWITCHED AT BIRTH “Dance Amongst Daggers” Review

SWITCHED AT BIRTH (ABC Family) -Dance Amongst Daggers Episode 4

SWITCHED AT BIRTH “Dance Amongst Daggers” Season 1 Episode 4 – This is the type of episode that I have been waiting for on SWITCHED AT BIRTH. It is a fun episode in the style of ABC Family – quick one liners, gossip, relationship troubles and hookups/breakups. But it also intelligently addresses the previously introduced issues of rich versus poor and hearing versus deaf. On top of this, “Dance Amongst Daggers” smoothly incorporates several sign language dialogue scenes with the speaking scenes, successfully illustrating how naturally expressive sign language is.

Game face! Kathryn invites Daphne and Regina to the fund-raising benefit for Bay and Toby’s school.

I want my own garage!

My Ty! I’m not sure if that was meant as a mai tai joke, but it was funny and silly and made me giggle.

Hand-me-down Liam does not have the support of Team Daphne. I’ll give him a couple more episodes (if he sticks around), but I am still not very fond of Liam. He can’t even say why he and Bay were together.

Greatly amused by Melody eavesdropping by mirror. She switches to the other side as she and John (Regina’s surrogate husband!) hit it off.

It was hilarious when everyone dispersed after John appears with the camera. I feel the same way about photo opportunities.

Hey, it’s Austin Butler from Life Unexpected, wanting to make a move on one or the other or both of Toby’s sisters. If she’s not your sister, you could so go after her. Eeeww!!

Poor Emmett (twice). 1) Bay catches him pining for Daphne. For a moment, I was afraid that Bay would go after him to get a rise out of Daphne. 2) Emmett has a fan after Toby’s band plays, but he can’t communicate with her. I find this terribly sad, but Emmett obviously doesn’t. And he represents a portion of the deaf world with his valid stance. Would I be wrong (hopefully not insensitive) to compare this situation with that of minorities in the U.S. who don’t know English?

Regina meets a bad news, hot guy who she gets to know despite Kathryn’s warning. She seems to intentionally be acting in defiance of Kathryn.

Toby is playing the switched at birth card to his benefit. I’m glad someone is adjusting to the difficult situation.

The claws come out between Bay and Daphne. Bay cruelly implies that she knows how to keep a guy interested, leaving us to wonder if what this statement implies is true. Though she is particularly foul-tempered and snappish tonight, is it really all about Bay all the time? So far for Kathryn and John, everything has been revolving around Daphne, hasn’t it? I feel bad for Daphne, but she and Liam were a couple for two minutes. I also tend to think that if Daphne has to break up with Liam, Bay should not be involved with Ty either.

But Bay does get it right when she observes that they are trying to look like a perfect happy family when they’re far from it.

Is it wrong to want to fit in? Is Daphne turning her back on the deaf culture and community by wanting to fit in? Is she doomed to get hurt?

What did you think of episode 4 “Dance Amongst Daggers” of Switched at Birth? Comment below.