PRETTY LITTLE LIARS “My Name Is Trouble” Review


PRETTY LITTLE LIARS “My Name Is Trouble” Season 2 Episode 3 – I am going to start by saying that this week’s episode of PRETTY LITTLE LIARS proves the Rosewood parents will never win parents of the year awards. Their efforts to keep the girls apart have failed miserably. Emily’s mother took away her cell phone so Spencer just calls her on the landline. Hanna’s mother is too busy sharing laughs with Hanna’s returned father to even notice what Hanna is doing. Then there is Spencer’s parents. They are out of town in New York for the week? This just after last week’s break in and assault in their house. Who leaves their teenage daughter alone in the same house her friend was just attacked in? Parenting fail.

Aria and Ezra are back on and making out on the college campus where Aria’s father works three days a week. Don’t worry though, he doesn’t work on that particular day. What? How soon before Ezra’s ex-fiancee tells Aria’s father? Speaking of the college campus, what are the chances that you go to take an extra credit pottery course at a nearby campus and end up in the same class as your blind classmate? Jenna is everywhere. I did like that we were able to see a vulnerable side to Jenna before she realized she was talking to Aria. I think that dispels any thoughts I had that Jenna is not really blind.

This episode also gave us the opportunity to see a vulnerable Allison in a flashback. What caused Ally’s pain and tears? Was it her brother throwing parties and inviting friends who weren’t really friends, or something deeper? I have never known a character as mysterious and multi-layered as Allison. She keeps me intrigued.

The girls still think that Ian is alive. I have my doubts. Personally I think Melissa is up to no good, but about something else. Could the drugs in the bag be for her? Could she be faking a pregnancy or trying to terminate one? Is she in cahoots with Jason over something? I do not think the shadowy figure we see in his window is Ian. That is just too easy.

Things that I liked about this episode included:

“Why are you talking to me like Benjamin Franklin?” Spencer to Aria.

Hanna helping Lucas get a date with the girl he is crushing on.

That “A” always steps in to dig the girls even deeper into a hole or further into a web of lies such as forging the scout letter and sending it to Emily’s mother.

Seeing Hanna’s mother smile and laugh.

Spencer pawning her sister’s ring to buy Toby a truck so he doesn’t have to work with Jason.

What did you think about tonight’s episode of Pretty Little Liars? What do you think Jason is hiding? What is Melissa up to and does it involve Ian at all? Tell me your thoughts, conspiracies and theories below.

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