EXTREME MAKEOVER: WEIGHT LOSS EDITION “LaRhonda” Episode 5 – I’m very proud of myself as I write this review today. Why? Because I woke up early and worked out before watching this episode. One of the things I was hoping when I took on the job to review this series is was that it might help to motivate me to get into better shape. Looks like so far it’s working. Go me.

This was another great episode because again, the person was a joy to watch. LaRhonda worked so very hard and boy did the results show. Chris called her one of his favorite transformations ever and I gotta say that I agree. She had a personality that was as big as she was but thankfully never got any smaller as she lost the weight. Actually I think it got even bigger. She was a joy to watch, even when she was having hard times and by the end, I was happy for her.

My favorite bits..

LaRhonda naming her stomach Bertha. Honestly I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry from that.

LaRhonda being unable to throw out her mom’s things.

It never gets old. Every week the reaction to Chris showing up is always a highlight of this show.

LaRhonda swearing to Chris that she wasn’t going to quit on him, even as she was nearly passing out in his arms. Wow.

Literally breaking into tears when LaRhonda admitted that she was molested. It’s blowing me away how many of these people have big secrets that seem to have led to their weight gain.

Loving the new gym they set up in her living room, plus the new chairs at her dining table – ones that she could actually sit in. So awesome.

Chris pulling out the needles and telling LaRhonda that he didn’t want to remember her mom for her diabetic needles. Wow, what a great point.

Chris waking LaRhonda up at 6:00am by singing to her with his guitar. LOL.

Finding a whole new meaning for the phrase “taste the rainbow”.

LaRhonda making her 90 day goal by losing 100 lbs on the dot.

Chris catching LaRhonda eating chips and dip while struggling through her second phase.

Seeing the amazing difference between LaRhonda in the beginning and after 6 months.

Literally laughing out loud when LaRhonda nailed her second goal, again right on the money.

LaRhonda leaving those needles at her mom’s grave.

Wow. LaRhonda looking amazing at her 90 day weigh-in. The change in her face was stunning. She looked like a different person.

LaRhonda telling Chris that if she’d known it would’ve felt that good to do what she did, she would have done it a lot sooner. Wow.

LaRhonda finding out that she’d lost over 200 lbs. Again, wow.

What did you think of this episode of Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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