Showtime Shoots for 100 BULLETS TV Series Adapted by David Goyer

100 bullets-david goyer

If you could exact revenge and get away with it scot-free, would you take the opportunity? No need to answer now. You may get the chance to watch others in this predicament on TV. Showtime has enlisted David Goyer to adapt and executive produce the comic book series 100 Bullets for a potential television series, according to

Written by Brian Azzarello and illustrated by Eduardo Risso, the comic is dark and mysterious, a mix of spy thriller, crime stories and conspiracy theory. At first glance, it seems to be an episodic set of tales about marginalized people simply going through the motions of their miserable lives. But as the series develops, the constant factor and general premise of the plot revolve around a man known only as Agent Graves. He approaches the individuals with a briefcase containing 100 untraceable bullets, a gun and irrefutable proof that certain persons wronged those individuals. Then he offers them the chance to exact vengeance with full immunity from the law. The broader picture of the comic then becomes the question of who is Agent Graves, why is he doing this and how are the individuals chosen.

Goyer is well-qualified to adapt this noir-style comic. He has been involved in the creation of the TV series Flash Forward, Threshold and Blade: The Series, as well as the Blade movies, The Dark Knight and Batman Begins. Most recently Goyer has worked on the story for The Dark Knight Rises and the screenplay/story for the new Superman movie, Man of Steel.

Okay, now tell me. What would you choose to do? This is an intriguing moral dilemma for a graphic novel.