Michelle Trachtenberg Is Nancy’s Rival In WEEDS

In addition to returning tonight, June 27, for its seventh season (at 10pm on Showtime), WEEDS is also welcoming a new guest star this season.

It was just announced that actress Michelle Trachtenberg (Gossip Girl) will guest star in two episodes of Weeds as Emma, a sexy, intelligent, low-level, pot-dealing rival to Nancy (Mary-Louise Parker) who catches Silas’ (Hunter Parrish) eye.

In addition to Trachtenberg, this season of Weeds includes quite a few previously announced guest stars including Jennifer Jason Leigh, Martin Short, Aidan Quinn, Lindsay Sloane, Pablo Schreiber and David Clennon.

Season 7 of Weeds picks up as Nancy has just completed a three-year stint in Federal prison for murder. She’s now in New York and a braver, bolder Nancy is re-starting the business from scratch. Meanwhile, the boys – Andy (Justin Kirk), Silas (Parrish) and Shane (Alexander Gould) – who were camped out in Copenhagen are now Big Apple-bound – with Doug (Kevin Nealon) in tow, of course – and they all will be stirring up major trouble this season.