DROP DEAD DIVA “False Alarm” Review

Drop Dead Diva

DROP DEAD DIVA “False Alarm” Season 3 Episode 2 – When a young aspiring model dies on the operating table during a breast augmentation operation, Kim takes on her mother’s case. Parker has Jane offer Kim all of Harrison & Parker’s resources and she reluctantly accepts. Together, Kim and Jane manage to uncover the unscrupulous actions of both the modeling agency and plastic surgeons involved.

Meanwhile, Parker finds himself taking on the case of Teri’s hot new firefighter boyfriend who is being sued by a woman he rescued during a fire. It turns out the hot firefighter isn’t a firefighter at all. His good samaritan nature is almost applaudable – but Teri realises that he’s actually an arsonist, starting the fires so he can rush in and save the day, and turns him in to the police.

Fred and Stacey take their relationship to the next level – but not without a few hiccups along the way. Stacey worries that Fred doesn’t know what sex is, while Fred is suffering from performance anxiety. After a little help from Jane, Fred makes his move. Stacey is a happy bunny indeed.

Jane finds herself being sucked even further into Grayson’s wedding plans this week, when she’s enlisted by Grayson to help with finalizing wedding plans in Vanessa’s absence. Eventually she decides to give him the tools to finalize the plans himself – in the form of Deb’s wedding planner.

The cases-of-the-week are usually linked in some way to the personal plotlines on Drop Dead Diva. This week was no exception. Between the model’s case (where Jane admits that she considered plastic surgery to become a successful model) and Grayson’s wedding plans, Jane is finally, firmly giving up her old life as Deb.

It’s difficult to watch. Dragging out the will they/won’t they of Jane/Grayson for 2+ seasons is a little tedious, true, but it is offset by our desire to see Jane do things right. Grayson can’t fall in love with Deb in a new body, he needs to fall in love with Jane, and, in turn, Jane needs to fully accept her new life. Handing over the wedding planner was yet another step in the right direction. It was so hard to watch though.

(Although the wishful thinker in me likes to imagine Grayson’s pondering expression at the very end of the episode was him thinking how awesome Jane is.)

The main case was pretty standard fare, but I’m glad Teri got her own little storyline this week. The twist at the end, that her boyfriend was actually an arsonist too, was interesting but sadly not well done. That was perhaps the most interesting part of the storyline and it was shoehorned in at the end. It didn’t help that after the first break up Teri was all smiles with Jane. I know she’s mostly the comic relief but a little more consistency with the character would be nice.

Speaking of comic relief, I adore Fred and Stacey. Their sex storyline wasn’t as funny as it could have been – they would probably need to be a little bit more explicit about Fred’s potential issues, and DDD is too quaint for that – but it was adorable nonetheless. I love these two together.

Summary: a great episode with an emotional undercurrent that sets the tone for the lead up to the Grayson/Vanessa wedding.

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