TRUE BLOOD “She’s Not There” Season 4 Premiere Advance Review (Spoiler Free!)

TRUE-BLOOD-Shes-Not-There-Season four

TRUE BLOOD “She’s Not There” Season 4 Episode 1 (Season Premiere) – Season 4 of TRUE BLOOD is once again probably one of the most awaited premiere of this summer and the wait is finally over because True Blood returns tonight with an all new episode titled “She’s Not There” tonight, June 26, at 9pm on HBO.

I was lucky enough to get an early peek of the episode and am also really exciting to be back with my weekly True Blood reviews. And so let’s not delay any longer and talk about what you should expect and be excited about from this premiere.

The first 8 minutes of the True Blood episode were made available online, courtesy of HBO, and if you’ve already watched them, you’ll know that the episode opens right after Sookie gets taken away from the graveyard into a place, let’s refer to it as Fairlyland. There we find out that Claudine is Sookie’s Fairy Godmother, whatever that means, but that’s not all. We also see Barry The Bellboy, remember him?, but more importantly Sookie finds her Grandad Earl there, and it’s a really sweet reunion, but unfortunately it’s really short lived.

So that’s about how much the first 8 minutes show you, but let me tell you that’s nothing compared to what’s coming in the episode. Now I know a lot of spoilers have already been released about what will be happening, but since I usually try to stay away from them myself, I’ll try to tease some of the things coming without giving away too much so that you can enjoy the episode for yourself with all the surprises it involves. In order to do that, I’ll resurrect my character focused reviews.


Sookie is facing a lot of unexpected challenges in this first episode related to her trip down to Fairlyland. I actually think this will inform a lot of the upcoming episodes and how the season will be structured, and I am really looking forward to it.


Ah Jason, I’ve always really loved him, but he has always been sort of the village idiot. Well it looks like this season may be a little different, no scratch that, it’s going to be a lot different because Jason has a new job and it’s going to be exciting seeing him doing something different than we have the past three seasons.


Bill’s relationship with Sookie has definitely changed after the events of last season and we don’t see too much of him in the first episode, but OMG big revelation at the end of the episode that changes a lot of what’s going to happen with Bill this season.


Eric is dealing with the aftermath of Russell going crazy, and is even reduced to doing some public service announcements for Fangtasia to reassure humans everything is ok. But that’s not the most important. I think fans of Sookie and Eric are going to be really happy with the developments in this episode.


We don’t see much of Sam this episode, but I’m a bit worried about him. Let’s just say Sam has some new friends and I’m not sure yet how good or bad they are for him.


There are quite a few switches in Tara’s life this season. I’m not really sure how I feel about them yet, but I’m just hoping this season turns out better for her than all the previous ones. One thing’s for sure, her relationship with Sookie is going to be affected.


Lafayette will be exploring his gift by getting involved in some sort of witch group pushed by Jesus (yes they’re still together, yay!). However, there is an event that happens towards the end of the episode that makes me think things are not going to turn out too well with this witch business, it’s kind of freaky.

Jessica and Hoyt

These two are now living together. Still cute, but it looks like things are not as happy as we were hoping they would be. Guess it’s not that easy for vampires and humans to live together in the same house.

Arlene and Terry

Well, these two are dealing with Renee’s baby… how can I put this… in the best way THEY can. So pretty funny moments there.

Hoyt’s Mom

You thought you had seen the last of her? Oh no, she’s back in the episode and you will never guess who she’s taking care of now… Hint: it’s a character we know.


Of course there’s a cliffhanger, this is True Blood after all, what did you expect? Actually there are quite a few and if you’re an HBO Go subscriber, I’m betting you’ll be jumping on there to watch episode 2 which will be available immediately following the season 4 premiere episode and will remain on the HBO GO service throughout the week leading up to its HBO main channel debut on Sunday, July 3 (9:00-10:00 p.m. ET/PT).


I had been a bit disappointed by last season’s finale and was worried about whether True Blood would be able to get be back into it. Well, I’m all in and absolutely excited for this whole season. The first episode has laid down a lot of ground to build on and I cannot wait to find out where it will lead us. Yes, True Blood is back!

Finally, there are a few noteworthy moments in the episode that I wanted to mention:

– There is some pretty great bantering between Bill and Eric early on in the episode.

– There ares some really sweet moments between Jason and Sookie and I really wish we would see more of these.

– Arlene’s best line “you have to understand, killing is wrong.”

– I have to mention Eric’s grunt… You’ll know what I’m talking about once you hear it, it’s priceless!

Don’t forget that True Blood premieres tonight at 9pm on HBO.