THE PROTECTOR “Class” Review


THE PROTECTOR “Class” Episode 3 – In tonight’s episode of The Protector “Class”, Gloria tries to find out who killed a school counselor that everyone seemed to like, her partner Michelle (Tisha Campbell-Martin) hooks up officer Ramon aka Romeo with a job, and also Gloria’s son Nick might be a genius.

The murder investigation seemed pretty straightforward at first but ended up being complex. First, we get thrown the usual red herrings in the form of the gilted boyfriend, married lover and, to top it all off, the jittery latino student. I did not see the crazed drug dealing high school over-achiever angle coming though. I had my money on the headmaster’s wife who might have been tired of all the floozies her husbands was banging. I am sort of confused about how they wrapped up the whole confession. I am pretty sure that Gloria cannot interrogate a minor outside her parents’ presence, but I am wondering if the whole confession scene can be considered a confession at all. Not sure what to think about this.

Back at home, Gloria deals with the whole “Holy Sh$%# my son might be a genius” thing very expertly like only a mom would. After contemplating putting her life savings into sending her son to a private school, her careful prodding reveals that, instead of being a genius, it turns out that her son is just a really good test taker. If I was Gloria, I would consider changing private schools anyway because apparently standardized tests in public schools are not up to snuff since you can pass the exams by filling out the dots like a Christmas tree…a Christmas tree.

The storyline with Michelle trying to help Romeo get a job though was ok , I guess. I am curious to hear why he is so reluctant to become a detective, but since he seems to still take on the job, I can only assume they want to give Michelle a love interest or something of that nature. If I had to bet, I would say that he has a kid and that detective hours can be murder on family life, no pun intended.

Overall, this was a solid episode of The Protector and it only reinforced the sentiment that I am really starting to love this show. At first, I was worried that the whole angle of the cop/mom was going to be cheesy, but I have to give it up to the writers of this show for doing a fabulous job balancing both with witty and carefully crafted storylines. Of course, Ally Walker’s performance is nothing short of perfect so that helps as well. All and all, The Protector is quickly becoming one of my favorite summer TV shows.