THE GLADES “Moonlighting” Review

THE GLADES Moonlighting Season 2 Episode 4

THE GLADES “Moonlighting” Season 2 Episode 4 – While watching the latest episode of THE GLADES “Moonlighting,” I expected each commercial break to say something like This episode was brought to you by Nascar.” Jeez, talk about taking product placement to a whole new level. Anyway, mini-rant over, back to the episode at hand.

The murder investigation was pretty well executed. Classic Longworth. Jim was throwing his usual irreverent quotes while making us guess all along who the murderer was. Part of me hoped that it would end up being Tony Stewart so that there was a reason to arrest him for something, since bad acting is not a crime (ok bad acting might be overstating it a tad, but I would certainly not quit my day job if I was him).

I loved that Sharon Lawrence got to play the killer as her performance of the mom, who would do anything for her family, was impeccable; that last speech she gave was intense. All and all, a nice little murder investigation with a satisfying ending.

The Callie and Ray storyline was ….well, it was what it was. I guess they had to get rid of Ray in such a way so that he would stop being in Callie’s life, but would still be present somehow. The fact that they didn’t kill him tells me that they are still trying to milk this conflicted situation.

Ultimately the writers want us to see Callie as a good mother and don’t want her to come off as a hussie who is seeing another man right after her husband gets whacked. As a result, we get a sad Callie who gets to find well deserved consolation in Jim’s arms. Ahh, I am on to you, writers.

So in summary, there were two major storylines in this episode of The Glades “Moonlighting”: the murder of a nascar mechanic found in the truck of his car and the Callie-Jeff drama brought on by Ray’s beatdown. One of these two storylines was boring as hell and and the other involved a murder, an accidental pregnancy, a bank robbery and a wannabe Danica Patrick.

Guess which storyline I liked best?