IN PLAIN SIGHT “Kumar vs. Kumar” Review

IN PLAIN SIGHT (USA) "Kumar vs. Kumar" Season 4 Episode 8

IN PLAIN SIGHT “Kumar vs. Kumar” Season 4 Episode 8 – In this episode Mary and Marshall are protecting a man and his family, when the wife suddenly decides she wants out of her traditional marriage and wants to take the kids with her. So once again there were lots of parent/kid issues that came up, but the funny thing was that it wasn’t Mary who ended up thinking about parenthood from it all, it was Marshall. After finding his very own personal mini-Marshall in the form of the family’s young son, Mary’s partner admits that he’s been thinking about fatherhood.

Considering the fact that Mary is still, as far as we know, thinking about giving up her baby for adoption, I found it interesting that Marshall is the one now considering kids in his near future. Seriously, I’m not even sure how to take that. Is it possible that he is going to adopt Mary’s baby with his girlfriend? Nah, I doubt it, but maybe his enthusiasm for fatherhood will win over Mary and she’ll decide to keep the baby. Not that I expect the two of them to become any sort of an item over this situation, but I do wonder if they might make some sort of a deal where he gets to be pseudo-daddy for her kid.

If that happens I think it could be all kinds of awesome. The reason that Mary and Marshall make the perfect team is that he is the calm wind to her crazy flame. Working together, they could possibly make the perfect team as parents, too. Sure it’d be unconventional but when has Mary ever done anything normally?

My favorite bits……

Stan typing with a pen.

Stan wisely telling Delia that, until Mary actually said something, they weren’t going to say a word about the baby. Very wise man, especially after he made the mistake of once asking a girl when she was “due”. Ouch.

Not being even one iota surprised to find out that Marshall competed in Robotics.

The smile that the sister and Marshall shared after he made her brother happy.

Marshall telling Mary he wanted to adopt Vik and that he was thinking about fatherhood. OMG, too, adorable.

“Two nerds don’t make a right.”

Literally saying “wow” when Sudha walked into the room looking so different.

Laughing out loud at this: “Oh, I don’t know. I guess she played her cards pretty close to the sari.”

Mary grossing herself out when she suggested that maybe Stan and Gaffney were lovers. LOL.

Brandi claiming she could hear Marshall breathing through the phone.

“Here I was thinking commitment meant letting him stay for breakfast.”

Marshall calmly pointing out that Ashok was scaring his children.

“This isn’t a competition. And that wasn’t a request.” (Oh how I love it when Marshall goes all tough-guy).

The guys watching Mary struggle out of her car.

So Mary can’t be the lead on any cases now that she’s already in her second trimester? Interesting.

“It’s a shame we’re not allowed to foster our witness’ kids. You could’ve put them up in that dorkapalooza spare bedroom of yours.”
“That’s my home office.”

Mary calling Vik a pint-sized Marshall with a killer tan. You know, I think this pregnancy is adding some extra zing to her zingers. Like Marshall said, that was a good one.

Marshall basically, for all intents and purposes, asking Ashok if Vik could come out to play.

“First ditch the shades, Double O Ass-hat.”

Peter telling Mary that she had two days to “divulge the bulge”.

The look of terror on Marshall’s face when he realized that Vik wasn’t in that crowd of kids.

That poor kid being ashamed of only getting third place in the contest. Jeesh.

Ashok giving his son a heartfelt (if somewhat awkward) hug.

Marshall and Mary both raising their hands for a high-five when Stan announced he’d slept with Gaffney’s fiancé. I love that they just high-fived each other when he didn’t respond.

“Aw look at him standing there, like we’re just gonna leave it at that.”

Marshall and Vik doing that nerdy (but totally awesome) handshake/robot dance thingy.

Mary finally making the call and telling her sister that she was pregnant.

What did you think of this episode of In Plain Sight? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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