FALLING SKIES “Prisoner of War” Advance Review

FALLING SKIES Prisoner of War Episode 3 (15)

FALLING SKIES “Prisoner of War” Season 1, Episode 3 – I got sneak peek at the third episode of TNT’s Falling Skies and in my opinion, it has already improved upon the formula from the first two episodes. Here, Tom Mason and his group of trusted fighters are finally in a position to rescue his son, Ben, who was captured for slave labor by the alien invaders.

The world of the resistance expands as we find out that humanity has almost instinctively come together in large groups like the 2nd Massachusetts around the country to fight back against their oppressors and survive. The battle continues on all fronts, physically, psychologically and now, scientifically as a new doctor, Michael Harris, meets up with the 2nd Massachusetts to contribute his understanding of the alien biological harnesses and offer hope for the families who have had their teen children captured and enslaved. Michael also fills in some of the blanks about the past and we find out more about what happened to Tom’s wife and the scenario in which she had been killed.

Although we’re still not entirely sure what the aliens are after or why they are here on Earth, we get some small insights into their warfare tactics and discover that they use techniques that are familiar to humans. The combat scenes are intense and, once again, there were a couple of moments that caught me off guard and made jump out of my seat. In the previous episode, Max’s teacher at the camp discussed a question that one of his older students had posed about why the Skitters had six legs, while the Mechs were bipeds. Tom considered the possibility that it might have been a method of intimidation but rather quickly moved on to more pressing matters. Having seen tonight’s episode, these little details seem to slowly be revealing an image of what the aliens have calculated into their plans. It is not clear if any similarities to human warfare are a result of the aliens having studied human history, or if perhaps they are simply more like us than we’d want to imagine.

This episode of Falling Skies brought everything into a narrower scope and it was easier to keep up with characters and plot developments. As viewers, we’re given glimpses into things that the characters aren’t aware of yet, but ultimately we’re still trying to understand the aliens in the same way that the resistance tries to understand them. This type of storytelling works well to make us feel like we’re embedded in the narrative. This episode of Falling Skies struck a successful balance between character development and alien conflict. The more sappy sentimentality of the first two episodes are not present here which I think is part of why this episode was even more engaging than the first two. Like the premiere, this episode was action packed, but the action was meaningful and the exposition was a result of natural interactions so it felt like it was moving at a great pace and I was absolutely left wanting to watch more.