WILFRED “Pilot” Review


WILFRED “Pilot” – I’m going to be honest here, I watched WILFRED because of Elijah Wood. I’m a Lord of the Rings geek, and I couldn’t pass up seeing Frodo in anything weekly. That said, I went into Wilfred knowing the premise and not much else.

Wood plays Ryan, an ex-lawyer a who is depressed and unhappy with his life, and decides to committ suicide. Unfortunatly, things don’t go as planned, and the attempt fails. Instead of killing himself, Ryan can now see his neighbors’ dog, Wilfred, as a grown man in a dog costume. The rest of the world still sees Wilfred as just a dog. I’m not entirely sure that the suicide/man dog are related, and I decided to just go with the show and ask questions later.

Wilfred explains to Ryan that he is actually another part of Ryan himself. An alter-ego that wants to break free, but can’t. So… Wilfred is there to push Ryan to limits he wouldn’t normally go to. And wow, does he.

Since he is actually a dog, Wilfred has habits that cracked me up. He digs up Ryan’s backyard (with a shovel) because he’s anxious that his owner is gone. He turns in a couple of circles before he sits down. Over all, it was pretty funny.

Jason Gann is Wilfred, and honestly, I don’t know how the actors got through some of these scenes without laughing hysterically. There are moments where Jenna (Wilfred‘s owner) pets Wilfred’s stomach, but the entire time, it’s just Gann in his dog suit!

I think that alone was enough to hook me on the episode, just to see where this dark comedy is going to go, and how this premise is going to be pulled off for 13 episodes.

The pilot was great, and if you like the dark, out of the box comedies, I would really recommend Wilfred.

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