SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE (2011) “4 of 20 Voted Off” Review

SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE (2011) “4 of 20 Voted Off” Season 8 Episode 9 – It was time for the first real elimination round in this latest episode of SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE, and since last week the judges decided not to send anyone home, for the first time ever, this week they will be sending 4 dancers home. Let’s talk about the episode.

Group Performance

Group performance – Top 20
Song: “Sinnerman” by Nina Simone
Choreographer: Dave Scott
Thoughts: That was a pretty badass choreography, but the best part was the way they all danced in sync. It was pretty incredible, especially since it’s not easy to do.

Rage Crew performance

This week, we got a performance by the Rage Crew on “Party Like This” by Colton B featuring Mauli B. All I can say is: Wow these are some talented people!

LMFAO “Party Rock Anthem” Performance

Well, since I’ve been listening to this song all week long I loved seeing them on the show and listening to the song once more.

Bottom Three

This week, the bottom three couples were: Missy & Wadi, Iveta & Nick, Ryan and Ricky. So I pretty much got two out of three correct in my performance review, not too bad.


Song: “Pon De Floor” by Major Lazer featuring Vybz Kartel
Thoughts: A bit disappointing, especially for a solo for your life.

Song: “Move (Metronomony Remix)” by CSS
Thoughts: Another ok solo for me.

Song: “Follow Me Down” by 30H!3 featuring Neon Hitch
Thoughts: I really like Nick and his solo was pretty great and a lot of fun. I loved how he used the entire stage.

Song: “Samba Rock” by Gennaro
Thoughts: It’s usually hard for ballroom dancers to do solos, but Iveta is amazing! And it’s not the first time that I love a solo of hers. Back in Vegas, she performed for the judges and I still remember it because it was so good.

Song: “Riot Rhythm” by Sleigh Bells
Thoughts: That was really cool and impressive! Yep, loved it.

Song: “Moving Mountains” by Usher
Thoughts: A good performance, but nothing too exciting, although I am a fan of Ryan.

And so the four dancers going home are: Missy, Iveta, Wadi, Nick

I’m sad to see Iveta and Nick go, because I really enjoyed both of them. As for Missy and Wadi, well, I hadn’t grown as attached to them as the others in the bottom three, but I do think it’s a big shock to see 4 dancers go at once, it doesn’t seem natural.

At least next week will be back to normal as the Top 16 take the stage.

How about you? What did you think of this elimination round? Are you happy that Ryan and Ricky were saved?

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