ROOKIE BLUE “Butterflies” Review

ROOKIE BLUE Butterflies

ROOKE BLUE “Butterflies” Season 2 Episode 1 – We’re back for another venture into the Canadian soap summer drama, following the now experienced rookie Andy and her fellow officers into the sinister depths of Canadian society. Ha! As if such a thing exists.

Anyhow, Rookie Blue returns with a literal bang. A 22 year old girl is shot in a crowd outside of a concert hall. Also shot is Andy, who was standing next to her and decided to put to adage “no good deed goes unpunished” to the test. Throughout the rest of this episode Andy is traumatized by this incident, and her rage at her own perceived weakness drives her into top gear. Meanwhile Epstein finds himself once again sidelined from the action but dealing with the emotional aftermath of the brain damage of a young girl and having to contend with her mother.

Rookie Blue is quite good summer fare. Sure, it’s easy to get sick of the soapy devices which stilt the show from evolving, the romantic relationships which are as muddled as the Gregorian knot and promise to get even more complicated with the introduction of a smart and sexy new detective. The writing is capable, with some actually really good and clever lines drowned out with some terribly handled exposition (Epstein’s brother killed himself! Victim’s best friend hates her philosophy TA!) and lazy detective work (how did Swarek know the kid behind the gate was carrying a gun? Is it because he was black? Why was the kid standing there in the first place? Didn’t he have somewhere else to be instead of mulling around the back alley of a concert hall talking to his mother and picking up guns?) The singer-songwriter music still punctuates every remotely emotional moment because its audience is apparently made up of unfeeling and stupid Cylons (actually, Cylons could feel but it’s necessary for my survival to spout out at least one mention of Battlestar Galactica a day).

The thing is, despite the fact that on any other show these flaws would kill me, I just don’t care. The show has the same problems, sure, but the characters are pretty rich and the acting is very enjoyable. Take the main character: Andy McNally is a woman who is not a genius or filled with goofy quirks a la The Closer. In fact, she’s decidedly normal, a girl who, take away her particular profession, could have been any girl in school. She’s passionate and good at her job, though not amazing: she’s no superhero, she’s just normal. This passion seeps into her love life, where we’re first reintroduced to her after she’s done a manic clean up of her new apartment with her hunky detective boyfriend (who, I swear, looks an awful lot like Awesome from Chuck). Sure, she doesn’t pick up on the heavy handed clues right away, but then the writers give her a scene like whacking the killer down from the ledge with her baton and, for a brief moment, turn her into an awesome cop. I can ignore the thirty five shots of her looking sadly into the distance for that one totally badass scene.

The other thing I liked about the episode (since only Epstein really got a decent storyline but his was pretty forgettable) was the directing, particularly on the button scene, which was very impressive and really kicked the episode into a much higher pace.

I enjoyed the episode, despite the flaws. What did you think of the return of Rookie Blue? Sound off in the comments below!

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