Four Themed Episodes We’d Like To See COMMUNITY Do

Community’s ability to seamlessly weave pop culture with witty dialogue, real-life situations and quirky characters has made it an undeniable hit among primetime television…and if you’re anything like me, you cheered (fist pump and all) when news of the show’s third season pick-up was announced a few months ago.

It’s no secret that part of Community’s charm is the way it continually re-invents the half-hour comedy, and from paintball to old westerns to popular movies, “themed” episodes are just one reason the show has made fans out of even the most skeptical of critics.

With a long summer ahead and no new episodes to keep us on our toes, we decided to do some brainstorming on what we’d like to see next season. Below are four recommendations of what pop culture phenomenons that we think would be fun for the show to tackle for Season 3. Who knows? Maybe if there’s enough interest, some of them will make the cut (are you listening, Dan Harmon?)


We already know that most of the cast can dance as well as carry a tune…so who wouldn’t kill to see a parody of a classic Broadway show? The premise is simple enough: Greendale wants to put together a musical, and of course, our favorite study group finds some way to get involved.

Aside from the many notable theatre “clichés” that could be touched on, it would be fun to see the cast go all out and tackle the challenge of singing and dancing in front of the school. Personally, I’m envisioning a take-off of a classic 1950’s show, which would allow the creators to make references that would appeal to both older and younger generations.


Last season already took on a clip show and claymation, but what if the creators took things one step further and created an episode solely based on the classic animated Disney feature?

It would be easy to cast Pierce as the misunderstood villain and Jeff as the (obviously) good-looking hero competing for the love of Britta. After Shirley and Annie’s turn as campus cops last season, both girls could definitely pass as strong female sidekicks…and as for Troy and Abed? Our favorite comical duo would fit in just fine in the animated world, always showing up to save the day with a weird dance move, or being there to offer a moment of humorous advice.


Thanks to the first season’s Halloween episode, we already know that at least one member of the study group loves Harry Potter (looking at you, Shirley!) And whether it’s another party or just a themed night to celebrate the release of the final movie, you have to admit it would be fun to see Greendale take on everyone’s favorite boy wizard.

Personally, I’d be way too excited to see Jeff parodied as Harry, with his popular persona and ability to handle anything in his path with relative ease. And as I’ve always likened Annie to a Hermione-type character, it would be fun to see her play off her perfectionist attitude with some “muggle” references thrown in for good measure.

Plus, who wouldn’t want to see Troy and Abed exist as the Weasley twins, the fast-talking duo with an affinity for causing trouble wherever they go?


So maybe it’s because I’m a huge science fiction dork and an even bigger Lord of the Rings fan…but I would be positively giddy with excitement if, at some point in the future, Community tackled a themed episode focusing on the famous tale of the hobbit and his quest to save the world from evil.

Maybe the “one ring” is something that would give anyone who has it power to rule the entire school – the group could spend their episode trying to find ways to destroy it, involving teachers and other secondary characters, with members of the study group pulling classic lines from the film and reenacting moments made famous by the book.

And as a testament to both Abed’s interest in pop culture and Danny Pudi’s talent, I could definitely see him pulling off the Gollum/Smeagol split personality persona.


What would you positively LOVE to see our loveable Greendale misfits tackle next year? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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