Missy Peregrym and Gregory Smith Interview For ROOKIE BLUE

Missy Peregrym and Gregory Smith
Season 2 of ROOKIE BLUE returns tonight, June 23, at 10pm on ABC. And in order to satisfy your curiosity of what’s coming up this season on the show, Missy Peregrym (Andy McNally) and Gregory Smith (Dov Epstein) took some time to tease what’s coming up this season.

When the show aired last season did you think you had the genuine fall hit here?

Missy Peregrym : No way.

Gregory Smith: No. It exceeded our wildest expectations.

Missy Peregrym : I think we’re all really nervous to see how it was going to do. No one had an idea. How can you? It’s the summer and you don’t know if people were really going to even be inside to watch the show. We knew that we had a great time slot and I think that we just had to wait and see what happened. I think we’re all stunned that it did and very happy because we got a pick up three weeks into the show and were able to go back to work and make another season. I think our fingers are crossed again this year.

Gregory Smith: When the first set of numbers came out one of our producers told a story that the network that he spoke to said, ‘Don’t get excited. There must be some mistake.’ So that was cool.

Where does season two pick up?

Missy Peregrym : First of all, I’m living with Luke now. That’s settled. That’s who I’ve chosen and it opens up with me being very happy with my life with him. I get a responsibility where I have to delegate control at this one concert, and here’s the thing, we don’t have training officers anymore and so we’re allowed to partner with each other. We are each others teammates now. So that means we’re the firsts people on scene. We’re not just following people anymore. I think it’s really difficult because knowledge can be very dangerous sometimes when you feel confident. You feel like you’re in control of the situation, but circumstantially there’s just no way you can be prepared for everything. I don’t think that ever changes no matter how long you’ve been on the job. Technically we’re rookies anyway until new people come in. I guess that’s up to the writers.

Missy Peregrym and Gregory Smith

Have you had to do a lot of personal training at the gym and the gun range?

Gregory Smith: I had to do a lot of personal training just to keep up with Missy.

Missy Peregrym : He wanted to beat me on the basketball court.

Gregory Smith: It’s true, but before the first season they put us through a cop boot camp and then between the seasons some of us did some ride alongs and different things like that. I have a lot of friends who became cops right when I started working on this show. So, my journey and their journeys were sort of paralleling each other. So you just piece together any info or insight you can. It’s kind of a mosaic.

Can you tease what’s going to happen to your characters this season?

Missy Peregrym : I’m with Luke. I’m very happy with him, but almost immediately his ex-girlfriend and ex-partner ends up working at our division which causes a lot of strife, obviously, for our relationship because she’s still an authoritative figure to me. I have to answer to her which is a little difficult especially because she still has very strong feelings for Luke. Sam is not my training officer anymore. So we can date without me losing my job or him being fired. So that boundary is totally gone. I still work with him. He’s my partner. I think that there’s a lot of personal drama that happens for Andy, but because of the extreme situation from episode one, I get shot, my understanding and my patience level gets capped a bit because it’s disheartening that you can try as hard as you want and do all the right things and justice is not served. I think that’s life anyway. Just because you do all the right things does not guarantee that everybody is going to be okay. I think that’s a hard thing for her to accept.

Missy Peregrym and Gregory Smith

What’s a favorite quality your characters have that you like?

Gregory Smith: I like Dov’s misguided enthusiasm which creates a lot of opportunities to watch him squirm a little. Especially this year you start to see more of a personal, serious side of the character which helps you understand why he is the way he is and you start to get more of his back story which is really fun as well. I love his rock and roll attitude.

Is there something your characters haven’t done that you want to seem them do?

Missy Peregrym : Me, personally, I think it’s already really exciting. I’m learning with my character. Every time I read a script I’m like, ‘What?’ Because we film in Toronto and the writing room is there we’re definitely always collaborating and this year I definitely took more initiative to go have conversations with them, to say, ‘Well, look, I have experience in this situation and I think it could be like this.’ It’s really fun when you get to do that. I love the process of creating that part of it. In terms of storyline I’m very satisfied with where they’ve taken everything and I look forward to seeing where they want to go. I don’t have any requests necessarily.

Gregory Smith: I’ve been pitching from day one that Dov gets a man crush on Swarek. Even though they haven’t taken the bait yet, sometimes in scene I’m doing my best to mimic him, his gesticulations and stuff. That’s my own secret that I just let you in on because he’s such a bad ass. Dov wants to be such a bad ass.

Missy Peregrym and Gregory Smith