PRIMEVAL (UK) Series 5 Episode 5 Review

Primeval Episode 5.05

PRIMEVAL Series 5 Episode 5 – This week the ‘convergence’ started and anomalies began popping up concurrently all across the globe. With creatures running amok (including a T-Rex in a city centre!), episode five of Primeval delivered an incredibly entertaining affair that could easily have been an explosive series finale. I can’t wait to see how they top this in next week’s episode (which really is the series finale).

The episode started with the ARC team (as well as background teams) going out to try and deal with incursions caused by the convergence. Somewhere in the middle everyone split up, Matt going to try and stop Philip from starting up the New Dawn project. By the end the ARC team – and life as we know it – had potentially been changed forever.

As far as plots go, this one kind of wavered all over the place and wasn’t all that great if you look too deeply into it. But I’m not going to because, look, there was a T-Rex and people running all over the place and sometimes mindless entertainment just needs to keep on being mindless.

It was a brave move to have an event as big as the convergence actually happen in the show. With the knowledge of the creatures and portals to different times now common knowledge (even if they’ve yet to be explained to the general public), the way ARC is run will have to be changed. There are creatures still out there to be dealt with post-convergence and the public will want their potential new heroes to be visible, not hidden away. Is this where (if there are future series) the ARC team goes public, dons a uniform and kicks ass on the six o’clock news?

But I’m getting a little head of myself. First we have to contemplate the fact that earth may be facing armageddon and Connor Temple may be lost forever on the other side of the New Dawn anomaly. It killed every other anomaly on earth by drawing power away from them; does this mean it now leads to ALL of these places? If it only leads to one place, is it the past or future? Is there any possible way for the ARC team to get Connor back if they shut down the anomaly to try and save the earth?

And more importantly (shh, it’s more important to me :P) – is Becker still alive? He’s kind of like that one Action Man doll that keeps finding its way into the washing machine – and yet comes out unscathed every time. Will he be able to walk away from what sounded like an attack, or has he finally met his end?

I’m actually going to be nice about Jess this week: she wasn’t awful under pressure. God, I feel like Lester saying that. Speaking of, how awesome was Lester this week, going out into the field (well, the car park) to kick some ass? It’s a shame we don’t get to see him dealing with creatures more often; Ben Miller is sorely unused in most episodes.

I can’t end this review without talking about the special effects. The CGI this week must have cost a bomb – there was just so much of it, and it all looked really good, too! There are times when the CGI on Primeval is questionable (to say the least), but this week showed that when it goes all out, the show is actually pretty impressive!

This episode was the best of the last two series and perhaps the most visually engrossing episode of Primeval that I can remember watching to date. Now the wait for the series finale begins!

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