MEN OF A CERTAIN AGE “Can’t Let That Slide” Advance Review

MEN OF A CERTAIN AGE Can't Let That Slide

After last week’s softball tournament, the dealership finally seemed to have bonded and Owen thought there was going to be progress, however after a suggestion from he and his father’s right hand man, Owen decides to see what the sales people are really up to when he is not around. The results are fascinating, humorous and revealing. Perhaps it is better for the boss not to know his employee’s every move. Owen takes a rather unique approach to get his employees back in line, but how long will that last?

Meanwhile as we saw last week, Joe is being drawn into the gambling world at an increasingly alarming rate. Does anyone else wonder what would happen if Manfro found out that Joe was taking his bets without telling him and making money off of it? I have to wonder how it will end. How far will Joe go before his common sense kicks back in? How much will he have to risk and lose before he changes? This week, we get the answer to at least one of those questions. I am torn between feeling sorry for Joe, especially after facing the fact that he is not that good of a golfer, and being infuriated at him for not moving forward. Get out of your rut!

Which leads us to Terry, the man that cannot get over the most meaningful relationship he has had in a while. It does not matter that Erin basically shut the door in Terry’s face last week. He is still in love with her and still cannot let her go. Remember how I said last week that Terry just needed someone to care for, hence the illogical affair with someone over 30 years younger than him? This week we see just how much Terry needs to care for someone and, frankly, it is suffocating. It even affects his relationship with the guys. We do not get enough guy time as it is, so we definitely do not need Terry ruining the little we do get.

I am not sure what I want out of Men of a Certain Age. I am happy with the direction Owen seems to be taking in his life. However, Joe frustrates me and Terry just saddens me. I have never felt so saddened by a 50 year old in my life. Tonight’s advance viewing of “Can’t Let That Slide” made me wonder if anyone ever truly grows up and learns the lessons they are meant to learn. Will Terry still be behaving this way in another 10 years?

Watch tonight’s episode of Men of a Certain Age and then come back here and tell me if you agree with me. Is it too much to ask for a little growth?

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