WHITE COLLAR “Deadline” Review


WHITE COLLAR “Deadline” Season 3 Episode 3 – In this episode poor Diana is put on what I can only assume is her toughest undercover assignment ever. She has to work as an assistant for a woman who is (there’s just no nicer way to put this) a bitch. The lady is working for a good cause though and when her life is threatened, the FBI has to try and keep her safe.

Meanwhile, Neal and Peter are still playing their little game of cat and mouse and I’m finding it so hard to figure out who to root for. As much as I love watching Neal pull off a good con, I know that if he and Mozzie succeed with this one, they are gonna be outta there so fast. Since I don’t want Neal to leave, I find myself hoping that all of their devious little plans will be foiled.

Then there’s Neal’s relationship with Sara. Things are moving along nicely with them but what’s gonna happen if Neal and Mozzie pull off their big sting? Is Neal going to bring her with him when he and Mozzie run? If she does ask her to leave, will she go? I’m assuming that he must think she will, otherwise I can’t imagine why he’d be staying in a relationship with her.

The other thing that’s really interesting is that with every play that Neal and Peter make, neither of them are getting angry or upset with each other. They really seem to be just playing one big game to see who wins first. Will Peter get the list into the right hands and ensure that not none of the pieces can be sold without him knowing it? Or will Neal be able to see the list and know which pieces he can sell safely?

I guess we just have to keep tuning in to see how this all plays out.

My favorite bits..

Diana accusing Peter of being as paranoid as Mozzie. Wait, she said that like it was a bad thing.

Finally getting to meet Diana’s girlfriend.

Neal correcting Mozzie that he should call Christy “Dr. Lady Suit.”

Gee..after meeting that Helen lady, I can’t imagine why anyone would wan to kill her. *insert sarcasm here*

The shared looks between Peter, Neal and Jones when Diana said she loved Helen.

Cracking up at the whole dialect conversation – considering that Marsha Thomason is actually from Manchester.

Neal shaking his head at Peter and Jones hard-selling Diana to work for the dragon lady.

“So I’ll be at the absolutely beck and call of my tough new boss.”
(Neal laughs) “What’s so funny?”

Neal and Sara attempting to have a “normal” boyfriend/girlfriend conversation. Ha!

Peter + Glasses = Totally Hot.

Peter using the glasses as emphasis.

Peter failing miserably at pulling the paper apart.

The entire FBI working together to do get all of Diana’s work done.

Coming up with the idea for Peter to call Elizabeth to plan the party about ten seconds before he did.

“That lock is so complex it is only rivaled by mind.” – The best part was the fact that Neal broke it right after he said that.

Peter commandeering the robot toy off of the back of a trick. Awesome.

Mozzie walking in on Neal and Sara and telling them to get a room. LOL.

Diana getting the chance to order Helen around for once.

Helen trying to offer Diana a job as her assistant. Yeah right, like she’d give up working for the FBI to be an assistant.

Neal and Diana doing Ghost quotes.

The way Neal looked down when Peter told him that he was officially part of the family.

That little smile that Peter gave Neal after he knew that the manifest was safe.

What did you think of this episode of White Collar? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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