EXTREME MAKEOVER: WEIGHT LOSS EDITION Season 1 Episode 4″James” – In the preview for this episode, they made James seem like such a big, mean guy but as Chris says partway through, James is really just a big teddy bear. He does start out a little bit grumpy, but the more weight he loses, the better he feels.

Things were a little different in this episode. Instead of being clueless as to how much weight the person is losing throughout the transformation, this time we the audience got to see how much they were losing at smaller intervals along the way. I liked that much better than the previous episodes where we didn’t see the numbers on the scale until they were at the big 3-month, 6-month, 9-month and final weigh-ins. I still think that not showing the scale to the participant can be helpful for them in reaching their goal, but as a viewer, I enjoyed getting to see more of their progress.

About halfway through the year, James has a medical issue that was pretty scary, not only because of the health scare itself, but also because it put him off track. But in the end, he makes it through and ends up losing over 300 lbs when all is said and done.

When he walked out that final time, I saw that the transformation he’d made was amazing, but I think it was not quite as dramatic without the skin removal surgery. Still, the difference was startling, especially in James’ face and it was his attitude that truly impressed me. You could just see how much better he felt about himself, which was great.

My favorite bits..

Feeling so bad when James said his grandparents bought special chairs just so that his size wouldn’t break them – and then the tile I the floor cracked any way.

James describing how he would go to a buffet and “affect the bottomline of the place”. – Wow.

James comparing what he was doing to his body with a slower route to suicide.

James’s reaction to seeing Chris, and picking him up the first time.

James not getting too depressed about the number on the scale, likening it to getting a serious diagnosis but being told there was a cure for the disease.

James realizing that Chris had taken away his computer and his TV, but replaced them with a home gym. Hm.tough switch, but worth it.

Chris commenting into the camera that James’ snoring was shaking the walls.

James challenging and beating that lamp post. Yes!

James making his first weight loss goal. Awesome.

Chris and James going for that first bike ride.

James giving Chris that letter saying that he wanted to pay it forward and change someone else’s life.

James getting the chance to work out with some of his heroes.

Michael Irvin realizing that his initial impression of James was wrong.

James meeting his 9-month goal. Yay!

James walking up on that stage and looking about as different as he could from that original photo.

Wow, over 300 lbs in one year? Amazing!

What did you think of this episode of Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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  • Congratulations Chris. Did you make it to your goal weight? I am rooting for you.