LOVE BITES “Keep On Truckin'” Review

LOVE BITES "Keep On Truckin'" Episode 3 (1)

LOVE BITES “Keep On Truckin'” Season 1 Episode 3 – Tonight’s episode of Love Bites was pretty solid from start to finish thanks to improved writing which delivered engaging stories and relatable characters.

The first story, “Goodbye Boob,” featured Laura Prepon as Alex, a woman with breast cancer facing a mastectomy. Dan, a tattoo artist working in Judd’s parlor, views Alex as the perfect woman and stumbles into this complicated time in her life. This story line was well written and managed to tap into a wide spectrum of emotions in a short period of time. I’d find myself laughing at most of Dan and Judd’s conversations and then be caught off guard as I teared up watching Alex’s honest, heart breaking reaction to being told that it was a shame she’d be losing her great breasts. As I’ve come to expect from Love Bites, the acting was spot on. The writing, however, saw marked improvement from previous episodes and this ended up being a very touching segment that affected me more than I anticipated.

As a contrast, the second Love Bites story, “Ninja Vanish,” is a story we’ve seen many times before. Ricky (Donald Faison) is the single guy living a fantasy life filled with multiple women all while avoiding “contracting a relationship.” Ricky is a less audacious version of Barney Stinson, but his escape tactic of choice, The Ninja Vanish, is one that would make The Barnacle proud. The plot was rather predictable, but I thought the Ninja Vanish and Angie’s Houdini Ink tricks were creative and I liked seeing their schemes used against one another.

The final story, “Cutlets” brought us back to Annie who had been set up on a blind date out of pity from her sister. I had some genuine laugh out loud moments watching this story. The Matt with the pregnancy fetish was such an awkward creep, but I couldn’t help but laugh at almost everything he said – and I learned some things about pregnancy. So, that was hilarious and educational!

Annie’s mixed up blind date (and the issues she had with her breast cutlets) are frighteningly similar to some horror stories I’ve heard from my own friends. Watching it play out on screen obviously makes it so much more comical than it would have been in real life, but I think it’s a ridiculous set up that so many women can relate to in one way or another. Becki Newton, as usual, did a wonderful job making Annie brave and sexy with a veiled vulnerability and she’s a large part of why this segment had so much charisma.

Overall, this episode of Love Bites was well balanced and relatively well written. The acting from the start of the series has been above average and now that the writing is catching up, Love Bites is revealing its charm. It isn’t total brilliance just yet, but I’m seeing more and more moments that truly sparkle.