PRETTY LITTLE LIARS “It’s Alive” Season 2, Episode 1 – How excited are you that our little liars are back? It seems so long ago since last we left the girls at the church being told that Ian’s body was missing. Luckily, this season picks up right where we left off.

Ian’s body is missing, but so is he. Naturally the entire town, including the girls’ parents, think they are lying. Apparently, no one else thinks it is strange that Ian would go missing at the exact time the girls claimed he died. Even after his car is found abandoned with money in it, the police think he was running away. Who runs away without money? I believe that Ian is dead and that A or another person removed his body. Although we later see the text that Spencer thinks is from him, I am convinced Melissa is behind that. She and Spencer are the only two people that know what Melissa and Ian were going to name their baby. Also, Melissa jumps from anger to loving kindness toward Spencer too quickly. If she is not involved with the A situation, or with the death of Allison, she sure is involved in something.

Caleb came back for Hanna and my heart jumped a little. Although Hanna is not ready to take him back, I am hopeful that he will stick around for a while. How satisifying was it when Hanna found out that Mona never gave her Caleb’s letter? What is up with Mona and creepy Noel dating? Was Noel always that strange and creepy or is he getting worse?

Spencer and Toby are forbidden to see each other, which only makes them devise ways to see each other. Did anyone else think it was going to be Ian that walked into Spencer’s house while she was freaking out and holding the knife? I sure did. I have to say that it was awfully sweet of Toby to cut off the part of Emily’s wall with her growth chart on it. He is definitely one misunderstood character in that town. His “sister” however, is something else. Not only is she wrapped up with officer Garrett and the blackmailing scheme, but now they are on a stakeout of Jason, the messenger with the money? Or were they staking out Ian? I am not sure what exactly is going on there. However, I do know that I find it awfully strange that anytime someone knocks on Jenna’s door, she “looks” out her bedroom window. That is almost as strange as her “looking” in the reflection of the elevator to put her lipstick on. Something is up with that one.

So now we have the question as to whether Ian is still alive. We also have the mystery of the girls’ new therapist, played by Annabeth Gish. On a side note, how gaunt did Annabeth Gish look? I almost did not recognize her. I think we need more information on this therapist. If I were the girls, I would suspect her involvement with A as well. It is clear that A wants them to know that she/he knows everything, hence the degree found in the office. The biggest question is what does A want them to do next?

What did you think of this week’s Pretty Little Liars? Did it live up to your expectations for a season premiere? What do you think is going to happen the rest of the season? Tell us what you think down below!

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  • Gary

    As I’ve said before, I am of the firm belief that there are tiny microphones planted in the girl’s mobiles and that’s how A can hear and know everything. Cos they never go anywhere without them. Loved the episode. But I’m getting kind of sick of them saying A’s messages out loud together. And the “thing” thing is stupid. Like last season it was the “Jenna Thing” and this season its the “Jason Thing”. They can do better than that.

    Also isn’t Jason Ali’s brother? That’s why they asked why he moved back into “that house”. He moved back into the DiLaurentis’ house. Or am I way off base there?

    Also the end is not very climatic. A is deleting the vid they have but, as they already said, they made a copy of the original so its fine. Or did they lose both versions? A deleted the copy and the original is in Ian’s coat pocket. Bat as I said, great ep overall.


    • Anonymous

      You may be on to something with the microphones and/or tracking devices. If it was a person continuously following them, I would think they would begin to notice.  It is true that every season it tends to focus on one individual who we are never quite sure their involvement in anything. I am not a fan of the focus on Jason because honestly I remember very little about him.  You are correct about Jason. It was a fact I apparently forgot. He is Ally’s brother and did move back into the house.

      As for the computer, I only assumed A was deleting the video. Perhaps A was deleting other files and things the girls kept?  I guess we will have to wait and see as the season plays out.

      Love your enthusiasm for the show 🙂