MEN OF A CERTAIN AGE “A League of Their Owen” Advance Review

MEN OF A CERTAIN AGE A League of Their Owen Season 2 Episode 9

Tonight on MEN OF A CERTAIN AGE, we see things finally start to come around for one of the men, while the other two continue their descents into addiction and devastation. I liked this episode better than the last two mainly because we finally get to see something good happen. Is it huge? Will it change the men’s lives? No. But it is happy and bonding and fun, all things the show needs from time to time. I understand that this show is a scope into the ordinary lives of three men who struggle daily with real life issues, but sometimes I just want to see a ray of hope. Usually, this ray comes from Owen and this week is no different.

Ever since Owen decided not to sell the dealership, he has been trying to find ways to keep it afloat and to keep his team productive. His father surrenders the dealership softball team to him declaring that the “big boss” should run it. Will this be the way Owen can bring his team together? Can he even properly coach softball? After the toss he does inside the showroom, I began to think they were in big trouble.

Meanwhile, Joe is pursuing the bookie aspect of his gambling problem and using less and less good judgment with each passing moment. He keeps making poor deicisions including when Lucy shows up at his door, upset about the possibility of losing a client. Every decision Joe makes after that seems to miss its mark. I am rather concerned about where he will end up. Add to that the pressure for the Senior Golf Tour, and I almost expect to find Joe strung out by the end of the season.

Terry is in no better shape. He cannot get the closure he needs from his relationship ending so he is acting out in every way possible, including last week’s fight in the showroom, and bedding a young college girl. This week, he takes things even further than I would have thought he could. The last scene where he confronts his issues straight on portrays him as the saddest, most pathetic guy around. The thing is, I think Terry just needs someone to care for, but does not know how to go about getting that. I hope he figures it out.

Tune into Men of a Certain Age tonight and then come back here and tell me what you think about the path that each guy is on. Will there be redemption at the end of the road for them? Tell us down below.

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