NURSE JACKIE “Batting Practice” Season 3 Episode 11 Review

NURSE JACKIE "Batting Practice" (2)

NURSE JACKIE “Batting Practice” Season 3 Episode 11 – “I can’t look at her,” Kevin growls, taking a halfhearted swing in the batting cage. He misses. Eddie, safely behind the batting cage fence replies, “Ignoring the person you’re married to is a big part of making it work!”

And Eddie’s sweating… and sweating… because he thinks he knows what Kevin is gettin’ at. And it’s only a matter of time.

Or is he completely wrong?

I think this is the simple miscommunication of modern man-grunts.They both think the other knows, so vague should work.

And so this is yet another episode where we creep… creep…. creep toward some sort of huge shift in the show. So many seem to look. Kevin is about to go out of his mind— but for something completely different than what Eddie thinks. (Poor Eddie thinks the jig is up—his trysts with Jackie were discovered, and so those baseball bats may soon be swinging for his head!)

And poor Eddie may not be completely wrong if what I fear is going to happen happens: a Three’s Company rerun in which one person says one thing, a second person completely misconstrues it, and when the message gets around to party number three, it’s basically “Jackie was caught having sex with the neighbors’ pet wombat.”

(Or, “The neighbors’ pet wombat was seeing snorting coke with Jackie,” if you’d prefer.)

Usually the truth comes out; personally I’m hoping against that tried-and-true error of mounting misunderstandings.

But we’ll see! As usual this was a treat to watch. Edie Falco got to wear her bemused face for a large part of it—all up until she fessed up to O’Hara about stealing her own kid’s meds. And then wanted a refill. And O’Hara…

The last few episodes have been really strong O’Hara episodes. This wasn’t one in which she seethed, or seduced, no. This was subtle nuance at its best. O’Hara knows she’s in real danger of losing her best friend. Mortally perhaps. So the choice she made (“Jackie’s personal methadone clinic”) really felt like her last hope. And it wasn’t even a very hopeful hope.

Thor’s getting to throw his weight around, pawning his ability to run a fantasy football team into an invitation to sing in Coop’s soon-to-be (we think) nuptials. (Thor grouses, “It’s like the bat mitzvah I always wanted but could never have.”) Though the jury’s out on how bad THAT will go. Coop… ah, Coop, you funny duck. He even bribed Jackie to be the Wedding Coordinator. “Jackie, people are scared of you. You’d make the perfect wedding coordinator!”

(He probably has a point.)

And what would an episode be without Zoey freaking out about shomething? This time it was Nurse’s Week, so she threw a party in the basement that only a scant few attended… including all the fat little kids Akalitis was trying to herd toward a lifestyle of snacking on raisins.)

And speaking of Zoey… calling all shippers! Officer Ryan (Rene David Ifrah) has the hots for our little Zoester. Is Lenny gonna take that, or what?! (Well, he can’t exactly threaten to beat up a cop.)

Curious to see where that goes.

My one lament for this episode is that the basement party was missing the awesome street piano God brought in at the beginning at the season. Where’s my piano?!

Oh well. Next episode of Nurse Jackie looks good!

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  • This was a fun episode. I felt so bad for Zoe preparing that party. I would have gone to it!

    Also since I’ve seen the season finale, I’m curious to see what you think of it, because I don’t think you’re going to see it coming, at least I didn’t. 🙂

    • Axe

      Well Kevin’s got something up his sleeve. I’m not sure if it just has to do with Jackie being on drugs either.

      My guess is it’s Kevincentric, however.

      • My lips are sealed 😉

  • E Azevedo

    I  think Kevin has a mancrush on Eddie. That would do it.