THE PROTECTOR “Pilot” Review


THE PROTECTOR “Pilot” Episode 1 – Did you catch the debut of Lifetime’s latest series, THE PROTECTOR? Starring Ally Walker as Gloria Sheppard and Tisha Campbell-Martin as Michelle Dulcett, The Protecter centers around Gloria, a divorced mother of two and detective who recently moved her two sons in with her brother, Davey, a recovering alcoholic with a big house and a wife that deserted him. Gloria struggles to raise her boys as a single mother while working her demanding job as a homicide detective.

Let me start by saying that I am the biggest Ally Walker fan. Ever since I saw her in The Profiler as Dr. Sam Waters, I was hooked. From there, I have tried to watch anything she has been in including her stint on The Shield and Sons of Anarchy. I have always loved her best as the character in The Profiler and was rather hoping that this show would be similar and Ally’s character would be similar. That is not quite true.

Gloria Sheppard is not as dark as Dr. Waters was. She is tough and protective of her family, like Sam, however there is not the sadness and the darkness there was for the tortured Dr. Waters. Basically, it felt like the lighter version of that character. Gloria is strong, smart, neurotic, scattered, has extreme tunnel vision when it comes to cases, and adored by her partner, Michelle. Tisha Campbell-Martin’s character is the opposite of Gloria. She is logical, methodical and not given to flights of fancy or oddball theories, no matter how correct they may end up being. Despite this, she allows Gloria to lead her off in various directions, trusting Gloria’s insight. Indeed, they are the perfect partnership.

The Protector is not a perfect show. The detective techniques are not like those you would see on CSI or Law and Order. The plot is a bit cliched with a single mother with a hard career path doing the best she can. However, the show works for me. It is not too heavy and not to flippant. It provided an hour of escapism that was a pleasant experience. Some of my favorite moments included:

“I’ve had a lot of success with severed heads.” – Gloria to her neighbor who wants her to investigate missing neighborhood gnomes.

Gloria leaves notes for her youngest son telling him to have fun at school.

She stayed up all night to make the perfect costume for her son, only to have him reject it and her other son to ponder “Do you ever sleep?”

“Has anyone ever told you that you are peculiar? If by peculiar, you mean AWESOME, then yes, they have.” Michelle to Gloria.

A robbery and double homicide solved by the cruel joke of the deceased giving his wife, mistress and girlfriend all the same purses.

Gloria doodling on a witness’ face to prove he lied about who he was.

So, what do you think? Is The Protector worth tuning into every week? Will Ally Walker and Tisha Campbell-Martin be able to carry this show? Tell me what you think down below!

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