THE KILLING “Beau Soleil” Review

THE KILLING Beau Soleil Episode 12

THE KILLING “Beau Soleil” Season 1 Episode 12 – Well. We’re one episode away from the conclusion of The Killing‘s first season and what a season it’s been. This episode launched us toward the finale with the revelation that Rosie Larsen may have been a high class ‘Beau Soleil’ escort, following in the footsteps of her aunt Terri. Could one of her clients have killed her?

It seems very likely. Holden uncovers a report from another escort of a client assaulting her. She didn’t give a name but it sounds a lot like Drexler, the billionaire, at first. Holder and Linden track down the Beau Soleil website servers and get data which gives them the suspect’s email address, as well as leads them to the assaulted escort. She’s reluctant to make an identification but she does tell Holder where to ‘find’ the suspect – in the form of Richmond’s posters plastered all over a wall. Meanwhile, Linden has gone to talk to Richmond about Drexler – and she finds an email she sent to the suspect’s email account in his inbox.

Does this mean Richmond is the killer? On the surface it all looks very damning indeed. The emails and the identification by the escort are bad enough, but the episode closed with Gwen looking at photographs of Richmond with a woman – an escort. But does the fact Gwen has these photographs actually give us a clue to the real killer?

The escort in these photos look vaguely like both Rosie and Richmond’s dead wife. It’s not unimaginable that he met with Rosie for sex because of this similarity. Could Gwen have found out before now, become jealous or angry, and killed Rosie? She had access to the campaign cars, after all, as well as Richmond’s email. In fact it could even have been her who read his email from Linden, possibly from his home computer or by signing into his account elsewhere.

(The only major flaw in this plan may be the skull on the waterfront. However, I’m inclined to think that’s nothing to do with the killer and instead a play on the part of the Indian chief – or campaign manager Wright – to keep the land untouched and ruin Adams’ campaign.)

I think for now Gwen is my prime suspect. Is she yours, dear reader?

Meanwhile, Mitch is upset about the missing money and won’t let Stan explain what he did with it. Without the money, she can’t bail him out of prison, either. However, Terri steps in and bails him out herself. What does this mean for the Larsen’s? There have been a few loaded looks between Terri and Stan in the past – is this the start of something? Or is Terri just taking pity on her mourning sister and brother-in-law and trying to help them out?

Remember Jack Linden revealing last week that he had bunked off school to see his father? Well we get to meet his father this week*. He wants to build a relationship with Jack and make him part of his new family, but Linden isn’t impressed. Although he did walk out on his family, I can see Jack deciding he’s the better option when compared to workaholic mother Linden. Will Linden give her ex a chance to prove himself as a father or risk driving Jack away?

(* Tahmoh Penikett, Michelle Forbes, Callum Keith Rennie – it’s starting to feel like a Battlestar Galactica reunion!)

This was an enjoyable episode that finally furthered the plot enough for the end to come into sight. With any luck, by this time next week we will know for sure who Rosie’s killer is, and we’ll be able to look back over the season and pick out any clues that we missed. My only criticism of this episode is that there was a lot of stuff going on. An episode spent with Drexler as prime suspect, looking into him and his shady ways, would have been really interesting and a nice lead into the latter three-quarters of this episode.

But despite the feeling of everything being a little too compressed, it was still a great watch and I’m excited for next week’s episode. How about you?

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