LAW AND ORDER: CRIMINAL INTENT “Cadavers” Season 10 Episode 6 – In this week’s episode a wealthy pharmaceutical donor named Ben Langston goes missing after a charity event in which he provides a massive twenty million dollar grant to one of three doctors seeking funding to, hopefully, research into eradicating a disease. The winner is child leukaemia. You’d think most people would be happy about this.but not one of the two losers, a guy called Sam, who is seen fighting passionately with Langston after the grant is delivered. Sam turns out to be Langston’s illegitimate son.

A body is found already dissected: a medical cadaver. Catch is, he’s a year old and he’s wearing Langston’s clothes. This leads Goren and Eames to a funeral home, where Langston’s body was already cremated. You have to hand it to the writers of Criminal Intent: this is delightfully twisty.

The subject matter of this episode was quite interesting. Young doctors whose lives are concerned with curing diseases such as heart disease and child leukaemia: hardly your regular bunch of drug pushers and jealous gold diggers which usually feature in these procedural shows. The questionable ethical morality echoed distantly throughout this episode.

That being said, it was pretty obvious that the mother was responsible for the death of Langston. There was the usual string of red herrings: the adulterous affair, the jealous nemesis, but any fan of a mystery knows that every character has a purpose, and when Maya (Mia?) brought her mother to the charity event as a date, there must be a reason for it. Ta da! The reason. Mommy’s a killer.

It was a bit of a slow episode, but still entertaining. The therapy bit at the end however felt both unbelievable and shoehorned in-despite the fact that Goren started flipping out.

Random Thoughts…

I honestly thought that the voice in the beginning of the episode was a robot’s. Very interesting voice.

The scene with the daughter asking her mother why she was home so late at the beginning of the episode was a little unbelievable. I doubt a child would ever question her mother in such an aggressive manner. Also, the information dump between the little girl and Eames was just awkward and terrible, even down to the “I think his name is Theo.” Are you kidding me?

Eames’ favorite character would be Hermione, wouldn’t it? Yay for the Harry Potter shout out!

The actress playing Sam’s fellow protestor

“That bedroom.a shrine to achievement.” Those photos on the walls were super weird.

Why are all Asian parents on tv portrayed as strict perfectionists?

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