FLASHPOINT “I’d Do Anything” Review


FLASHPOINT “I’d Do Anything” Season 4 Episode 5* – Team 1 are called in to help the police in a sting operation. Their target is Alex, a criminal selling the credit card details of rich patrons to his club. Their criminal informant is Alex’s girlfriend, Jackie. But when the sting goes awry and Alex escapes – with Jackie in tow – Team 1 start to question where her allegiances really lie.

The plot of the episode wasn’t anything spectacular – you could see the main plot points a mile away. The business partner was always going to be a red shirt, dying at Alex’s hand as he futiley tries to point the finger of blame at Jackie. The guy trying to help out his boss was always going to be caught by the police, leading to a Thelma & Louise-feeling moment of ‘will they kill themselves to be together?’

But it was done well. This episode forwent the tension of diving into a completely unknown situation and instead hinged the entire episode on an unreliable character (played brilliantly by Rachel Blanchard of Clueless fame) who was either going to help or hinder Team 1. I’ll admit to being unsure of which side of the fence she would land on; after the teaser scene was replayed, I was almost certain Greg would find them both dead on the plane or in the car, or, after he found Jackie alive and smiling, that he would find Alex dead. The actual ending would usually have been too sweet and cutesy for my tastes but I didn’t mind it, probably because I was actually sympathizing with Alex by that point.

Ed’s family drama continues this week. After zoning out a few times both on and off the job, Ed admits to Greg that Sophie has given him an ultimatum – his family or his job. Ed looks genuinely torn by this choice and it’ll be interesting to see which way he goes. I can’t imagine this show without Hugh Dillon, so I’m assuming either Sophie changes her mind or Ed chooses his job. The latter option seems a little out of character for someone who obviously loves his family a great deal, but we’ll have to wait and see how it plays out.

Summary: a great episode. I can’t wait for next week!

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* This episode is also known as 3×12 in Canada.

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