Lost’s Mark Pellegrino Lawyers Up For THE CLOSER

Mark Pellegrino as Nick / Lucifer in SUPERNATURAL
Mark Pellegrino (Lost, Supernatural) will be lawyering up for THE CLOSER when he guest stars in the series in August.

According to TV Guide, Pellegrino will play the role of Gavin Baker, Brenda’s (Kyra Sedgwick) defense attorney. He will come to Brenda’s help after she is sued by a gang member’s family for placing him in harm’s way.

Executive producer, James Duff, described Gavin Baker as “brisk, gay and formidable. He is ruthless in court and still manages to project an air of friendly professionalism.” He also added, “though he is easy to like, Gavin is extremely dangerous to underestimate, he is the only person on earth who can make Brenda hang up her cell phone.”

Brend and Lucifer/Jacob facing off? I want to see that!

The Closer returns for its last season on Monday, July 11, at 9pm on TNT. You can find all the Summer TV premiere dates here.

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